Yuri Miyauchi

Yuri Miyauchi is a highly acclaimed music producer in Japan. He is well known for his guitar-based music which is both electronic, ambient and pop in nature. He tours Japan extensively and does a lot of work for film, television, and advertising. He releases on the esteemed Rallye label. We were first introduced as he co-ran flau years ago with Yasuhiko Fukuzono, and found ourselves at the same shows, playing a couple together actually organised by another mutual friend: Shintaro Aoki who runs the lovely Mizukage label. 

Yuri very kindly made a re-working for Ian Hawgood's 'Slow Films In Low Llight' back in 2010.

He'll be playing Fuji Rock this year as well so please check him out if you are going!

Here's a lovely music video for 'To Be On This' by Yuri Miyauchi featuring Julia Guther:

Here's a little more about Yuri's work (in Japanese):


音楽家。1983年、和太鼓奏者の父とジャズシンガーの母のもとに生まれる。これまでに5作品のアルバムをRallye Labelよりリリース。アルバムには高橋幸宏、原田知世、小山田圭吾、星野源等をはじめ、国内外問わず様々なアーティストとのコラボレーション作品を収録。ライブではギターと打楽器を中心に様々な楽器の音をその場でサンプリング/ループし、たった一人で演奏する”音の実験室”ともいうべき空間を表現する。近年は、TYTYT (高橋幸宏+宮内優里+高野寛+権藤知彦)としてのライブ活動、海外アーティストi am robot and proudとのライブ/作品でのコラボレーション、国内外アーティストのリミックス/プロデュース、映画/CMへの楽曲提供など、活動の幅を広げている。 


You can keep up-to-date with work and shows by Yuri Miyauchi on his site:


Here's a wonderful film for Kinfolk Magazine Community Gatherings in Tokyo: Flower Potluck. It features music by Yuri and was directed by Tsukaya Suzuki:

You can stream, share and buy 'A Film by Yuri Miyauchi' from 'Slow Films In Low Light' here: