y0t0 is Charlie Sage. y0t0 stands for Year Of The Ox. He is a member of Hessien and is one of our favourite artists around right now. In February of 2013 he released the superb 'nijisousaku' on the blwbck label. Charlie very kindly made a reworking for the 'Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)' album on our sister label KOMU in 2013. A little later in the year we will be releasing his new album; a CD / DVD package titled 'The Glass Canoe'.

This is a film by Antonymes for the track 'They Mostly Come At Night' from the 'Uriarra Road' release on Facture in 2011:

You can follow all work by y0t0 on his tumblr here:


You can stream, share and buy his releases from his Bandcamp page here:


Charlie also made a great little mix for Fluid Radio you can stream here:

Y0t0 - Damn The Torpedoes by Fluid Radio on Mixcloud

You can stream, share and buy his wonderful 'nijisousaku' release here:

You can stream, share and buy his reworking 'Blue Type II' from Ian Hawgood & Friends 'Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)' here: