Wil Bolton

Photo by Richard Outram

Wil Bolton and I have known each other for years and years now. He's a bit of a legend, and an amazing guy frankly. Wil did the artwork for my first ever physical release under my Koen Park moniker '84'85 for October Man Recordings. He also runs the fantastic Boltfish label, and has released highly regarded electronic work under the Cheju moniker. He is also a highly respected sound installation artist and has had many installations in both the UK and South Korea (see below for more information). He very kindly played at the Home Normal / Hibernate show in December 2011, as well as HomeNormalism in August 2013.

Wil will releasing his wonderful album, 'Bokeh' on Home Normal a little later in the year. It is an incredible piece of work and we are so thrilled to be putting this out.

This is a video by Gianmarco Del Re of Wil performing at the Home Normal / Hibernate show at Dalston Vic, London, in 2011:

This is a wonderful video by Antonymes for 'Barbed' from 'Under A Name That Hides Her':

Here's a little more about Wil Bolton:

I make predominantly sound-based artworks for both CD releases and installations, often enhanced with video or photography. My work is usually site-specific, based on a certain place, and I tend to use environmental sounds and images as starting points in the creative process.

The main concept of my work is resonance – the resonance of sound, but also the resonance of a space – its atmosphere and the traces of its history, society and culture, and an exploration of associated ideas of place, memory and identity. I also take inspiration from finding beauty in the everyday and in unexpected or overlooked places, taking the time to pause, freeze and explore a moment, experience or emotion.

I have created several site-specific artworks. During my month-long residency at the Incheon Art Platform in South Korea (August 2012), I created a new installation commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial City States exhibition Terra Galaxia. EntitledTransition – Terminal, this work was inspired by my experience of Incheon International Airport as a site of transience, where identity, place and social relations are replaced with a landscape of globalization and codified space. It uses environmental sound recorded in the airport, a soundscape of passenger information announcements, luggage trolleys and commerce, played through Korean horn loudspeakers and combined with photographs in LED lightboxes, appropriating the glossy, super-modern medium of information and advertising signs.

Treatments and Textures (2009) was a mix of ambient and electroacoustic music for Tate Liverpool’s Sculpture Remixed collection display. Binary (2007) was a commission for the National Trust manor house Oxburgh Hall, in which the venue’s Victorian wallpaper was converted into sound. Chimes for a Wall Drawing (2009) was a live performance on processed chime bars, guitar and electronics at Tate Liverpool, which took Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1136 as an inspiration and graphic score. Quay Tones (2009) was an audiovisual installation exploring the history and atmosphere of the Middle Ages trading port King’s Lynn through images focusing on weathered fragments of architecture and scenery and processed recordings of baroque harpsichord tones and field recordings. Threnody (2007) was a site-specific sound installation inspired by Korean Royal Ancestral Shrine Music, created for the Kyung Hee University Museum of Arts, Seoul.

My work has also been shown in exhibitions and festivals including Seeing Sound 2 (Bath Spa University, UK), Wonderpia (Nanji Studio Gallery, Seoul), Re/Flux (ICA, London), Odd Place (ARTSIDE, Seoul), BBC Film Festival (UK), SoundImageSound VII (Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific, USA), A Thing About Machines (Herbert Gallery, Coventry, UK), Transfixed Motion / Transitory Still (Sheffield Institute of Art and Design Gallery, UK), and Sound:Space (South Hill Park, Bracknell, UK).

I have also published several audio CDs. Time Lapse (Hibernate Recordings, 2010) uses guitars, chime bars and vintage keyboards to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds. Quarry Bank (Time Released Sound, 2011) explores the history of an Industrial Revolution cotton mill, blending site-specific recordings of machinery with electronically treated acoustic instruments. Kollane (Time Released Sound, 2012) was created during a residency at the Estonian Artists’ Association in Tallinn, inspired by the vibrant autumnal foliage and historic architecture of the city. My debut vinyl LP Under A Name That Hides Her (Hibernate Recordings, 2012) is a melancholic and romantic album inspired by nostalgic recollection of the guitar bands I listened to as a teenager.

You can keep up with Wil's work, shows, exhibitions etc through his site:


You can listen to an unmastered version of 'Pentaprism' from his forthcoming album on Home Normal 'Bokeh' here: