Two People In A Room

Two People In A Room is an electronic, rock music project formed by René Margraff and Michelle Hughes in Germany, 2009. I've known René for a number of years now as we were both active members in the net-label scene around 2007-2009 with René recording under his critically acclaimed Le Mépris guise for the excellent (now sadly closed) Aerotone label. We also did a split release with Ryu Furusawa for the wonderful Mobeer label in 2009. So it was with great pleasure when René approached us about a release for this wonderful work in 2011. 

René has been participating in the music scene since 2001 and he is widely recognized for his Pillowdiver releases on 12k, Nomadic Kids Republic and Under The Spire. The work of Two People In A Room isassociated with ambient, drone, shoegaze, experimental musical styles. They followed up their cassette debut 'Wrapped In Plastic' with their self-titled Home Normal release to critical acclaim (and two editions in quick succession). 

Under his Pillowdiver moniker René also released 'Frozen Soundtracks' on our sister label Nomadic Kids Republic in 2012. He also performed at the recent HomeNormalism festival in London in August 2013.

Here's a little more information about Two People In A Room (English):

Berlin-based duo Two People in a Room is formed by Michelle Hughes and René Margraff. One of the things that separates the group’s material from others is that it’s not solely ambient-drone in nature. Instead, Hughes and Margraff thread melodic elements into the music’s dense fabric. In addition, they don’t manipulate the guitar to such a degree that it loses its fundamental character, and consequently strums, picking, and tremolo effects are audible over a languid mist of raga-like drones and crystalline ambience. Such qualities help their music retain a natural quality and remain engaging despite the fact that many of their pieces are about ten minutes in length. Twanging guitar melodies repeat, while their pieces otherwise swell into beautiful swarms that grow to a near impenetrable density as they develop, sometimes coupling a lonely guitar motif with a massive, sustained roar. At certain moments, Hughes and Margraff shape their collective sound into something almost symphonic, morphing from a plodding drone into a chiming phalanx of blinding six-strings. 

Here's a little more information about Two People In A Room (German):

Was Two People in a Room alias René Margraff und Michelle Hughes von anderen Musikern des Genres abhebt, ist, dass sie nicht Ambient-Drone in Reinkultur fabrizieren, sondern stattdessen melodische Elemente in das dichte Soundgefüge einflechten. Der Klang von Gitarren wird weitgehend durch den Einsatz von Effektgeräten und Signalverarbeitung bestimmt, was ihre Nummern zu Maßarbeiten für experimentelle Gitarren-Enthusiasten werden lässt. Gekonnt werden Gitarren und Samples in einen trägen Nebel aus Drones und kristallinen Klängen gestreut. Two people in a room setzen ihre Segel als metallisch-schimmernde Drohne vor düsteren melodischen Figuren. Begleitet von Bässen steigern sich ihre gerne mal zehnminütigen Nummern zu dramatischen Klang-Tsunamis in Shoegaze-ähnlicher Intensität.

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This is 'Come On, Baby, Contact' from the Two People In A Room release 'Wrapped In Plastic':

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This is the track 'Everybody Goes As Far As They Can' from the new Pillowdiver release 'Decay', which René performed (amazing by the way) at HomeNormalism in August 2013.