Thank You

Thank you for visiting our little site. We are just a small non-profit label who want to put out beautiful music that often takes its merry old time to absorb and fully appreciate. In an age of rapid consumerism and consumption we really appreciate people still taking the time to create and to listen to music that comes from the heart and soul, however one wishes to define such music.

Home Normal was made as a way to connect to a distant concept of 'home' and what 'normal' could be when experiencing other cultures. The name is ironic in that once you leave for a sustained time outside the land you were born and raised, the world becomes your home and a thirst of uniqueness and the 'other' in fact becomes your 'normal'. We are spread across the globe and yet, we are indeed 'home normal'. In a world that seems to find safety in walls being put up, this feels more powerful than ever.

So once again, thank you for being you and taking the time to hopefully enjoy the work we are lucky enough to put out there in the world. It is a small world, and we are all connected much closer than we might initially realise. That's a good thing to hang on to. x HN