Team HN

The Home Normal team is made up entirely of friends who work outside their own work hours to keep up a steady stream of beautiful releases. As a non-profit organisation, everybody works for free for the promotion of artists whose music we love, with each release funding the next when we can.

Our current day-to-day team is:

Ian + Ben - Curation / Social Media / Newsletter / Package Design / Web Design / Shop / Press

Wataru - Press (North America + Europe) / Digital Distribution / Accounts

Aki - Press (Asia) / Digital Distribution / Accounts

Christian - Package Design / Print Advisor

Our previous team is as follows:

Ian - Founder + Curator, Web Design, Package Design, Mastering, Show Organiser

* Ian is the founder of the HN label, but left the label in 2016 after taking multiple gaps the two years before due to work. He has curated a path for the label with a variety of releases from friends that will run until late 2019.

Christian - Design 

* Christian is our main package design guy, and our original web designer. He has designed the bulk of our physical packages alongside Ian, with designs already completed and in place until late 2019.

Ben - Co-curator, Demos, Show Co-ordinator

* Ben joined Ian in curating the label just before the first two releases on the label came out in early 2009. Between 2009 and 2010 he worked in this role as well as listening to demos that came in on a daily basis. Since then he has work exclusively to co-ordinate the HN events with Ian and Leonora.

Leonora - Show Co-ordinator, Donations, Baker

* Leonora (Ian's wife) worked with Ben and friends as one of the main show co-ordinators on the event nights. She organised donation collecting at events and for our charity releases throughout the years. She also provided wonderful baked goods for our events, which Ian now enjoys all to himself.

Matt - Text Editor

* Matt worked as an editor to check our press releases, newsletters, and site updates.

Bonnie - Translation

* Bonnie is a translator of Japanese and English, and has helped to check releases written by Ian and Leonora in Japanese.

Yuki + Makiko - Show Assistant

* Yuki and Makiko are dear friends who have helped out with our small shows in Japan over the years, from working on the door, tickets, all the way through to serving food and drinks.

Jeremy - Design

* Jeremy worked on the package design with Ian between 2009 and 2011, as well as hosting and supporting the website development with Ian and Christian,

Ed C - Live Show Film Direction and Technician

* Ed C is a highly regarded animator and visual designer. He has helped us with all shows involving film in the UK, and as a technical advisor for these events.

Ed H - Sound Engineer / Recorder

* Ed H has done much of the sound engineering and recording alongside Ian at the HN events in the UK.

Wataru - Sound Engineer / Recorder

* Wataru has done much of the sound engineering and recording alongside Ian at the HN events in Japan.

Thank you

A bit more about the friends who have helped out at shows:

Japan shows - Wataru / Yasuhiko / CMFLG / Shintaro / Ian

Wataru and Ian have known each other since their London days, moons ago now. Wataru is a highly respected music producer, show promoter and label owner (Hz Records), and has helped Home Normal put on the odd show in Japan before. He's a huge supporter of the label and is the guy who will be setting up all future Home Normal shows in Japan.

Yasuhiko is also known as the artist aus, as well as the Flau label curator. He has very kindly put Home Normal / Flau events before with us, and is a highly respected promoter in Japan for local and international artists alike.

CMFLG are an amazing group of chaps who run various events and festivals in Japan. They were the first people to put on Home Normal related shows, and helped with the founding of the Home Normal label as they introduced us to Library Tapes.

Shintaro is the curator of the Mizukage netlabel and regularly hosts small events in Saitama and Tokyo. He first organised the shows Ian played at in the Awan Cafe, Omiya. It was here that Home Normal started to take shape as Ian met many different artists through Shintaro and his excellent nights he used to hold here.

UK shows - Ben / Ian / Leonora / Jonathan / Katie / Antony / Ed

Ian and Lee are the husband and wife team behind Home Normal. Originally from the UK, they go back a couple of times a year for a 'holiday' but always find themselves putting on shows in London.

Ben is the co-curator of the Home Normal label and if you've been to any of our events, he's the guy cracking Ian up while being on the door or selling CD's.

Jonathan is the curator of the super Hibernate Records label. We've put on a good few shows together now, and its always a pleasure. Even when we aren't directly working with Hibernate, Jonathan is helping out on the nights in various capacities and the events wouldn't have been possible without him.

Katie is the artist known as Isnaj Dui, the curator of the FBox label, and the promoter of the Recluse nights in London. She has been a huge help at all the shows we've had in the UK, both as a regular artist, a promoter, and with all round duties on the nights.

Antony is the artist formely known as Konntinent, and currently in Paco Sala. Ant organised the bulk of our events in the first few years, and now helps out still on the nights with performances, DJing, sound tech and more.

Ed is a wonderful artist in his own right and recently helped us out as the sound engineer for our Vortex show. He has released work on Hibernate and will be releasing with Home Normal next year. Ian and Ed are the two non-house sound engineers now for all future shows.

There are obviously a lot more people who have been involved over the years; too many to mention in fact. A huge thanks to everyone who has made Home Normal what it is today.