Taishin Inoue

I met Taishin Inoue many years ago through a mutual friend when he was working at an awesome venue in Tokyo called Bullets. Taishin has put on many great shows there and has been a huge supporter of all sorts of genres of work for many years, as well as a very highly regarded producer in his own right. He was one of the very first people I met who had an incredible knowledge of the local ambient / electronic scene, as well as international artists as well. Taishin very kindly did a remix for the '323 Sayonara Memories Remixed' bonus album by Geskia!

Here's a little more information about Taishin Inoue (Japanese):

電子音楽を中心に制作する音楽家。2003年から東京を拠点に様々なスタイルでライブの経験値を積み重ね、2006年より西麻布Bullet'sにてElectronic Music Party ORASPを主宰する。

10代よりポピュラーミュージックを下地にクラシックミュージック・電子音楽・実験音響・即興音楽に魅了されつつ習作を重ね、2000年代以降はElectronica・IDM・Glitch・Drone・Breakcore・Abstract・Free Jazzのエッセンスを昇華させたトラックを制作し、多数のコンピレーション・アルバムにクレジットを連ねる。



2009年PHASE WORKSのライブツアーに同行。2010年にPROGRESSIVE FOrMからリリースされたV.A.『Forma. 3.10』に参加。

Here's a video of Taishin rocking it live at Phase in 2009:

This is 'Orbit Of The Shell' by Taishin Inoue:

To keep up-to-date with all releases, performances and news by Taishin Inoue, you can go to his site here:


You can stream, share and buy 'Clear Perspective (Taishin Inoue Remix)' from '323 Satonara Memories Remixed' here: