Taishi Kamiya

In the month when Jeremy, Christian and I were coming together to get Home Normal on the web (December 2008 to be precise), Will Long from Celer forwarded me a demo from a friend of his for consideration on Home Normal. The work blew me away and was later to be the NKR release 'Aroma Trace'. These were essentially a series of live outtakes from Taishi Kamiya which he worked on in studio to create the more developed sound found in his revered 'Spectra of Air' release with us back in 2010. Taishi has gone on to collaborate with various artists, as well as hosting live events in Japan with both local and international artists.

Here's a little more about Taishi Kamiya:

Taishi Kamiya is a sound artist and a developer of sounding devices born in Sapporo.
He plays the soprano saxophone and processes saxophone sound and field recording sound in real time to create his music.

Also, he is interested in the site-specific characteristics of sounds. He pursues a moment in which sounds become music through his performances at various locations, such as temple and snow field, and composition of his installation works in which he creates unknown acoustic space by coordinating these site-specific sounds.

Here's a wonderful film of Taishi performing live at Saikaiki, Japan in June, 2013:

You can follow his work, performances and up-to-date news on his myspace page and website here:



You can stream, share and buy 'Spectra of Air' here:

You can stream, share and buy 'Aroma Trace' from NKR here: