Stuff We Love

The following lists are people who are just really ace and awesome. We haven't included artists as there are just too many, but we have included labels we are friends with and love, stores, blogs and stuff like that. We hope you find stuff you love in turn as we have found all of these people / groups to be hugely inspirational.

Please note that we will be doing one love ( at the back, stop doing those peace signs) at a time. That's not sexual innuendo for you naughty ones, but just a point that there is so much wonderful stuff out there, by so many wonderful people, its only fair that we focus on one at a time as we develop this section of the site. We'll be updating a new love (again, no laughing) every few days.

Music Blogs/Magazines:

Fluid Radio

Fluid Radio is pretty much the coolest online magazine / blog around. We're rather biased about them of course, as in the husband and wife team of Dan and Jess Crossley, you easily have two of the nicest, most hard-working, and talented creative forces around. Apart from running this excellent site, they also run the Stashed Goods store, as well as the Facture and Fluid Audio labels.

Design Blogs/Magazines:




Pretty much our favourite minimal/ambient record label for the past 5 years or so, the Ohio-based Infraction label have been running for almost 13 years now. Every release they put out is done with incredible thought, beautiful design, and whilst you might not have heard of many of their artists, they always put out immensely brilliant work.


Concert Promoters:

Twitters / Bloggers / Amazing Individuals: