Stefano Guzzetti

Photo by Fabio Orsi

Stefano Guzzetti is a composer, producer and sound designer based in Sardinia. When he was 9 he started taking organ lessons but accidentally seeing Kraftwerk on TV performing 'Pocket Calculator' showed him a complementary world to the classical one. 

He eventually started tweaking his MSX computer to make it produce all sorts of sounds and noises. 

With years passing by, the most natural further step has been studying the Electronic Music course at the Conservatory of Cagliari.

He currently produces scores for movies, documentaries and videogames, and from time to time finds the time to write material for his 'Waves on Canvas' project. Recently, he also started a collaboration project with Saffronkeira (Denovali Records).

His music has been released on Laverna, Twisted Tree Line, Somehow Recordings, Futuresequence, Psychonavigation and BrooklynBridge Recordings. The album 'Into the Northsea' under the 'Waves on Canvas' moniker was released in July 2012 and features contributions by Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil), Ian Masters (Pale Saints), Pieter Nooten (Xymox, Michael Brook), and the sleeve design by Vaughan Oliver (v23 / 4AD) and Marc Atkins (panoptika / David Lynch / 4AD). The track 'Flowers of the Sea' has also been featured on the Wire Tapper CD n.28 (Wire Magazine - april 2012).

He sometimes enjoys remixing other people stuff and recently remixed Peter Gregson and Gabriel Prokofiev, Stripmall Architecture, Porya Hatami and Bryan Ruhe.

He mainly plays the piano, along with his collection of toy instruments, classical guitars, found objects, and all the electronic treatments and sounds he thinks could add something special and beautiful to whatever music he is working on at that time.

Stefano will be releasing his Home Normal debut towards the end of the year on 500 edition CD in our lovely new thick card 4 panel package. He will also be playing on the second day of the HomeNormalism festival on August 3rd at Cafe Oto, London.

Here's an unmastered version of 'To Sleep For A New Day' from his forthcoming album 'At Home: Piano Book Volume One' which will be out on Home Normal in September/October: