Spheruleus is Harry Towell. He writes about music, runs a great little label called 'Audio Gourmet' and his own label 'Tessellate Recordings', and records wonderful music with a strong focus on ambient in all its forms, with a heavy dose of organic instrumentation and field recordings throughout his work. We've been in touch for a while now although we are not sure how. We hadn't accepted a demo for Home Normal for about six months when he mentioned a collaboration with the very talented Ekca Liena. Next thing you know we are eveloped in what was to eventually turn into 'Mapping The Boundary Layer' which we released in the summer of 2012. Due to the rather quiet nature of the album, and its slowly evolving structures, we weren't really expecting it to do so well so quickly, quite ready for a gradual case of recognition (as is often the case with subtle, thoughtful music these days it seems in the constant 'now, now, now' of the modern world - that's to moan about another time though). But the album sold out quick flash, and was particularly popular in Japan  for some reason. The album was even given the recognition of an album of the week in Tower Records here, albeit given the odd genre tag of 'new age' and 'folk', which sort of summed up the album nicely actually.

We look forward to more work from Harry in the future, and hopefully we'll persuade him to play a live show soon! 

Here's some more information about Spheruleus:

Spheruleus is British musician and producer Harry Towell, who releases ambient music in the drone, dark ambient, and musique concrete subgenres, under the project names Audio Gourmet, Eyes Flutter Beneath, and now as Spheruleus. He creates ambient textures designed chiefly to be listened to at low volume for quiet contemplation.

His first EP was released on Webbed Hand Records; since then he has released three subsequent albums on that netlabel. His first venture away from Webbed Hand was with Phantom Channel. Harry typically uses his own field recordings in all of his album-length projects, feeling that it adds a personal touch to his soundscapes. He has been experimenting with electronic music production for over six years.

Since 2007, he has been focusing more and more on ambient/drone genres. In the future, Harry plans to pushing his music in new stylistic directions, incorporating new ideas and techniques along the way. He is not classically trained, but he has a great ear for hearing sound holistically. His works are less geared towards traditional forms and more oriented towards soundscapes and ambient washes.

Harry runs a simple and light-hearted blog site, that publishes his adventures in music. He has very wide musical tastes, and on the blog you will find all sorts of tracks, albums, mixes and ideas — a sort of scrap-book chronicling his travels through the world of sound.

To keep up-to-date with Harry's wonderful work and imited edition releases (you have to be quick to get these though), please go to his blog:


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