Simon Harris

Simon Harris is a member of the rather superb Pan Am Scan group from Berlin. They have previously released work with Flau, Our Small Ideas, and the album 'Tesseract' was released in summer 2012. Simon is a fairweather Berlin-based sound artist. His installation works utilise fragile audio feedback systems to reveal the acoustic properties of spaces. For live performances he uses live sampling extensively, alongside various self-built software systems, and he has a soft spot for sine tones.

Here's a little bit more about Simon:

Simon Harris is a Berlin-based sound artist and Max/MSP programmer working in the fields of live electronics and sound installation.

He has programmed sound installations or live electronic works for a range of institutions and artists including Paul Pfeiffer (Hamburger Bahnhof), Baghdassarians/Baltshun (Galerie Mario Mazzoli), Robin Hayward and Whaletracking INC. With his improvising audio-visual collective Pan Am Scan, he has released music internationally on labels like Flau, Our Small Ideas and Home Normal and toured the UK and Poland. 

For more information about his work and the group you can follow them on good old MySpace:

You can stream, share and buy 'Tesseract' here: