As of December 2016, we will sadly not be putting on any more direct Home Normal events for a little while. We've been able to put on (both ourselves and with friends) over 60 shows in 7 years. As anyone who organises such events without any sponsorship or financial support will know, these things are beautifully connected experiences, a huge amount of fun, but thoroughly exhausting and financially draining. We have been able to just about get by the past year with the kindness of artists donating music for small CD(r) releases to help fund these events, but with Ian and Lee's move to Warsaw we just felt it was too much to carry on with the shows as we have done in any configuration, be it in Japan, Europe, the UK, or even friends organising related events in the USA. 

Thank you to everyone involved in any capacity for your support. It has been a great few years. We will no doubt be putting on shows at some point in the future but for now the realities of everyday life beckon.

x Thank you