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People have said some nice stuff about us...

'The label is a beating heart for ambient music, sending their chosen children, who speak innocently in languages of loyalty and kindness, into the wooded arteries of the darkened wild. They are cloaked in red hoods, and they aren’t aware of the wolves that lurk behind the trees. At a time when rock-solid things are failing, with democracies disintegrating and freedoms put on indefinite hold, the music they put out is not only compassionate and caring but relevant and essential. Ambient music doesn’t really fight the power, but it fights in other ways: by filling hearts with love and compassion. What was once an untouchable white has been stained by the polluted grime of disunity, and the world engorges itself on greed and power. This humble little label does the opposite: it embraces love, people, and unity, and the protest shouts through the music they release.' James Catchpole, Fluid Radio

'Since its inaugural release appeared on the horizon in early 2009, Ian Hawgood's Home Normal label has maintained an exceptionally high quality level.' Textura (2015)

'Tokyo’s Home Normal label can be relied upon for thoughtfully composed and exceptionally comforting ambient moods' The Wire (2015)

'One of the few buy-on-sight labels around' Boomkat

'A great little drone label' (2009) 'A monolythic drone label' (2012) Norman Records

'I can't keep up with the releases, they are just so varied. But its nice to see a label be so ballsy and release whatever makes them tick...a really quality little label from rural Japan' ChaChaChaNY 

'Weird, but perfectly formed little Japanese label' The Guardian

'A perfect combination of London cool and Tokyo minimal' Rough Trade

'(Home Normal has) a distinct purity of spirit both musically and in the handmade principles applied to design and packaging' Cyclic Defrost

'Impossible to pin down, but utterly unique' Mojo

'One of the labels of the year' Textura

'Some weird London-Tokyo cross of electronic of the most interesting ambient labels around today' Time Out

'A Londoner and a Mancunian running a Tokyo record label? Unique, wild and fucking brilliant' Tokyo HiHi Nights

'A very cool little ambient label from Japan' The Wire (2010)

'A very highly respected label' Headphone Commute

'Superb little label that keeps putting out beautiful release after beautiful release...a truly wonderful label' Smallfish

'(Home Normal has) slowly gained world recognition by releasing subtly experimental and atmospheric records' Secret Thirteen

'A label even cooler than it sounds - the perfect mixture of Tokyo and London avantgarde chic' Dante Ichi

NOTE: Please don't feel offended if we haven't listed your kind words about us - just let us know and we'd be happy to put anything up at all. Thanks so much for your support.