Pawn is the work of Hideki Umezawa. I met Hideki through mutual friends in Tokyo many years ago now. We used to go to all the same shows and would always talk about new music we were into before Home Normal started. He is a huge supporter of new music in Japan, and has long been a supporter of Home Normal. Its been a real pleasure to see Hideki beocme increasingly well-known for his wonderful work on both the international scene and in Japan itself. He has become recognised as one of the best electronic-glitch-ambient artists in Japan today with releases on such revered labels as Dynamophone, And/OAR, Progressive Form, Cotton Goods, The Land Of, Drifting Falling, Symbolic Interaction and more. In 2012 he very kindly remixed a track for the Geskia! bonus release '323 Sayonara Memories Remixed'.

Here's a little more information about Pawn (English):

Hideki Umezawa is interested by the tiny sounds in his surroundings. Delicate, careful, brittle things. Pawn is a project that has grown out of this fascination. He takes a sort of holistic approach to experimenting with sound, as if listening through a microscope, paying close attention to how sound changes with his state of mind. Beginning on Piano as a child, Hideki’s work with electronic, glass harp, household items and found sound now culminates in light moments of time and wonder, hovering and timeless.

Here's a little more information about Pawn (Japanese):

1986年生まれ、Hideki Umezawa によるプロジェクト。2007年より活動を開始、現在までにSymbolic Interaction、Dynamophoneといったレーベルから作品をリリース、またファッションブランドへの楽曲提供など活動は多岐に渡る。2011年10月にDynamophoneより多数のゲストを招いた3thアルバム『Glimmer of Sunlight』をリリース。そして同じく2011年10月にPROGRESSIVE FOrMより4thアルバム『Tone Sketch』をリリース。今後もmü-nestなど幾つかのレーベルからのリリースが予定されている。

This is a wonderful video by Ukyo Inaba for the Pawn track 'Star Shards' featuring cokiyu:

You can follow Hideki on Twitter here:!/hidekiumezawa

You can hear Hideki's new and old sounds here:

You can stream, share and buy 'Timesleep (Pawn Remix)' from the '323 Sayonoara Memories Remixed' bonus album by Geskia! here: