Orla Wren

Orla Wren makes electroacoustic music that uses the emotional space between organic acoustic sounds and digital processing. Combining the oldest, wonkiest and most organic of possible sound sources, he fashions them into melodies and textures of pinprick detail, revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired the music and rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form.

He has performed live around the world and played at events with people such as Herman Kolgen and Olivier Girouard/Urban9 ( Musique D'Impressions - Montreal ), Murcof and Bernt Friedman ( ISI Festival - Montpellier, France ), Serafina Steer ( The Fenaille Museum - Rodez, France ) aus, Isnaj Dui, The Boats and Laptop & Cello ( Off Key Sessions - Bristol, UK ) amongst others.

He has released music on many labels since 2006, namely ... Expanding Records (UK), Flau Records (Japan), Arbouse Recordings (France), Air Texture (US), Murmur records (Japan), Facture (UK) and Home Normal (Japan/UK).

Since 2006 Orla Wren has slowly become a loose collective of talented musicians and film makers that Tui can draw upon for collaboration. A part of the family are ... Aaron Martin, Keiron Phelan, Katie English, Paddy Mann, Heidi Elva, Hinny Pawsey, Frederic Oberland, Cyril Secq, Danny Norbury, Barry Leake, Phil White, Jessica Constable, Russudan Meipariani, Joanna Joachim, Robert Shaw (Lumacell), Joey Bania, Mark Kuykendall (The New Honey Shade), Elise Baldwin and Tippi Tillvind. Tui is also a member of the electroacoustic collective Exquisite What along with Barbara De Dominicis, Isnaj Dui, Flotel, Allesio Ballerini. Frederic Oberland, Peak, Enrico Coniglio, Olivier Girouard and many more. And he is also one half of the electroacoustic duo Bamboo Stilts with Leigh Toro, who release their music on vinyl with Nomadic Kids Republic.

This is a short video of Orla Wren playing live at the ISI Festival in 2012:

This is a wonderful film by Gianmarco Del Re from the Orla Wren performance at the Fluid Radio 'Off-Key Sessions: Oceans and Ornaments' concert in April, 2013. It also features many friends including The Boats, Aus and Danny Norbury, Ruhe, Isnaj Dui, Pascal Savy, and Cello + Laptop:

Here is a little more information, including sounds and video, for the latest release by Orla Wren on Home Normal, 'Book Of The Folded Forest'


You can stream, share and buy 'Book Of The Folded Forest' by Orla Wren here: