offthesky as most of you will know is Jason Corder. His involvement with Home Normal goes back to the beginning of time, or rather, 'Home Normal time'. Seeing as there is so much history here, let's go first person shall we.

Jason and I (Ian) have been in touch since Jason's release 'Rare Decay' found itself sandwiched between my first two albums on the lovely Berlin label run by my old mate Christian Roth, Resting Bell. I'm not sure who got in touch with whom at all, but I do remember the time I heard that first piano chord on the title track beginning the album. I'd never heard music exactly like it, and it blew me away. That was at the tail-end of 2007 (November to be precise), and about a year before I set-up Home Normal.

Now, I'd sent out my first demo proper to my favourite label at the time (maybe still), Moteer, at the beginning of 2008 for consideration. Craig Tattersall (the curator, all round great guy and amazing artist as member of Hood, The Boats, Remote Viewer etc) went ahead and told me about Mobeer...I mean, music releases on beer mats? Of course I was in! This was the beginning of mine and Craig's relationship which would see him and Andrew eventually release 'Words Are Something Else' as The Boats in 2009 on Home Normal. But more to the point here, Craig started sending me all the music he was involved in, including Mobeer stuff.

Now Jason and I had loosely been in touch by this point, just to show our appreciation of our respective releases, but not much more beyond that if I recall. So this one package comes through the post from Craig: Color Cassette's 'Small Town Smoker'. I don't read the credits, but just whammed it on. Now I distinctly remember this for some reason - I was in my mum's garage where I had a lovely studio set-up for the weekends, and I was under a large desk wiring all sorts of stuff when I whacked my head on the underside of said desk so hard it knocked me out for a short time. When I came to, this music was playing and it was just incredible. So soulful, so organic and textured. I lay there and listened to it as it was on repeat for about three hours. When I got up, I had a look at the credits and found the name, 'Jason Corder' right there. I thought I may have still been suffering from the whack on the head, but I found myself wondering if it could be the same Jason Corder who I had been in touch with a few months before. So I got in touch, and sure enough, it was the same guy.

The one question running round my mind at the time was 'how'? How can a guy go rom making incredibly beautiful post-classical (?...don't get me started on genres with Jason) work, right through to some fun weird folk stuff in such a short space of time? It was a lesson I was to learn about Jason quickly: that the guy can musically do literally anything.

So we stayed in touch more and more as the year moved on, both releasing works on a regular basis on netlabels, the odd limited edition label etc. And so it was that I said 'look, Jason, you've got to make a record. I'm going to set up a label but I have no idea when or how but I really need you to be part of this'. 'Yes, of course' was pretty much the answer, and its been that way and that open and easy since.

So he sent me his sketches for 'Hiding Nature', and I spent the November and December of 2008 plotting the Home Normal path with this, 'Sketches' by Library Tapes, 'Engaged Touches' by Celer, and sketches from Konntinent, Elian and an awesome artist called pocka. It took almost another year for the sketches to be finalised and eventually released, but released they were at the beginning of 2010, and to critical acclaim. The word 'genius' was bandied around, and I honestly can't really disagree. Boomkat (the Wiki store of modern music at the time really), went and told their audience that he was my favourite artist, right there on their front page as an album of the week. Again, I had said that and couldn't disagree.

Jason went on to make a wonderful Color Cassette reworking for my 'Slow Films In Low Light' release around the same time as 'Hiding Nature' came out, and it was from there that we decided to work together, over time forming Kinder Scout (with Danny Norbury) and Tiny Isles (with Christopher Hipgrave and many wonderful friends). 

In October of 2013, Jason will finally release his long overdue CD/DVD package of music and film entirely made by him, 'Geometry Of Echoes'. At the end of the year we will be releasing his wonderful Juxtaphona album 'We Will Not Be Silence' on our sister label Nomadic Kids Republic on vinyl and digital. We are also bringing him over for his first ever UK show at HomeNormalism in London on August 2nd and 3rd. He will be performing as Kinder Scout and offthesky, as well as doing the visuals for both and the Wraith vs Wrath set.

To buy tickets to day one (Friday, August 2nd) of HomeNormalism where you can watch Kinder Scout (Jason, Ian and Danny Norbury), Astrid, Isnaj Dui, Fabio Orsi, Orla Wren with Joey Bania and Lumacell on visuals, please go here:

To buy tickets to day two (Saturday, August 3rd) where you can watch offthesky audio-visual show, Wraith vs Wrath with visual set by Jason as well, Pillowdiver, Wil Bolton, and Stefano Guzzetti, please go here:

To buy a two-day ticket, please go here:

Here's Jason's wonderful film for 'Alchemy', taken from his forthcoming CD/DVD on Home Normal 'Geometry Of Echoes':

Here's a little more about offthesky:

offthesky is the ever evolving sonic quilt of denver, colorado artist jason corder. wielding instruments such as a vibraphone, guitar, piano, and various others accoutrements, mr. corder makes home-spun and spacious sound-scapes of majestic proportion. he often performs live A/V and has had the privilege to play at such great festivals as mutek(ca), decibel(us), and communikey(us). he has performed bills with great artists such as pole, biosphere, matmos, w. basinski and more. over the past 12 years he has released over 50 works via various projects(offthesky, color cassette, muridae, kinder scout, social system, and more). he often collaborates with other open minded individuals and is proud to have worked with sonic mavens such as darren mcclure, ian hawgood, pleq, ten and tracer, and more. he also creates short videos and loves spending time staring intensely into the sky.

Here's a beautiful film of Jason playing live in Denver in the summer of 2012:

To keep up-to-date with all offthesky / Jason Corder related projects, please go to his site:

You can stream, share and buy 'Hiding Nature' here:

You can stream, share and buy 'The Curio Collection' by offthesky vs Kinder Scout here:

You can stream, share and buy 'The Writing Life' by Kinder Scout here:

You can stream, share and buy 'A Film by Color Cassette' from 'Slow Films In Low Light' here:

You can stream, share and buy 'karumi - offthesky remix' from Gurun Gurun's 'Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu' here:

You can stream, share and buy the Tiny Isles debut, 'The Long Seasoned Sleep' here: