(Photo by Masahiro Ihara)

Miko is Rie Mitsutake. Her work has been released on revered labels Someone Good and Plop. She is one half of the duo Oh, Yoko! with Will Long. Rie and Ian met over six years ago and began collaborating and performing live. This led to Rie being the vocalist in soon to be released albums by Whalers Collective, Tiny Isles, and Rion.

Here's a little more about Miko (English):

Miko (Rie Mitsutake) is a Japanese female singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the outskirts of Tokyo. She creates music by weaving various kinds of instruments such as guitars, synthesizers, percussion and toys with her soft singing and catchy melodies into a colorful and playful sound. She released her debut album Parade from Japanese label PLOP in 2008, and her 2nd album called "Chandelier" from the Australian label Someone Good which was highly commended by many major media outlets including Pitchfork. In addition to her solo work, she has been working on collaborations with various musicians. Recently she has been making music with Will Long (Celer) as Oh,Yoko and released their album in early August 2013.

Here's a little more about Miko (Japanese):

女性音楽家、光武理絵によるソロユニット。2008年PLOPより1stアルバムParadeを発表し世界デビュー。2010年Someone Goodよりリリースした2ndアルバムChandelierは、米インディ・ミュージックの有力メディアPitchforkで「ユニークで未来的、新しいフォークミュージック」と高い評価を得るなど注目される。2011年Celerと共にオーストラリアツアーを敢行。Oorutaichi、Ytamoらと共にFrankly! festival に出演。 自ら作曲、演奏、録音、ミックスまでこなし、ギターやシンセ、打楽器など様々な楽器やスタイルを織りなして作るトラックに、溶け込むような透明感あるヴォーカルと、どこか懐かしさを感じさせるメロディーセンスに定評がある。独自の音楽センスを活かし、様々なアーティストとコラボレーションもしている。現在はCelerのWill LongとのユニットOh, Yokoとしても活動しながら、ソロとしての3枚目のアルバムの制作がゆっくり進行中。

Here's a lovely little video for 'New Town' from the Someone Good release by Miko 'Chandelier':

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