Gareth Davis is in danger of being the most prolific Home Normal artist with the number of releases he is connected to for us! That title stil belongs to a certain Danny Norbury and no less than eight releases with us, but Gareth has some new work about to appear through two different groups on the label: Birdt, and the incredilbe Mere, which will put the count at five!

Gareth sent me the Mere work to master for Gizeh Records and it just blew me away. Luckily, the record I mastered was just the first of two parts, so we agreed to release 'Mere II' on vinyl (as the music really should) towards the end of 2013.

Leo Fabriek and Thomas Cruijsen are the other members of the group. Leo has released with us before as part of the excellent L/M/R/W group with their release all the way back in 2009, 'Drifts'.

Here's a little more information about Mere:

MERE: Gareth Davis, Thomas Cruijsen, Leo Fabriek

Mere is a new project that began as a soundtrack and continues as an experimental, dark-ambient jazz group. Guitar, drums and bass clarinet provide an intense and improvised journey into the abyss.

The trio first came together to work on a soundtrack for a Dutch TV documentary called ‘Visserman’. Having known each other for some time this was the first time they had combined together to write music and the name Mere comes from the Dutch word for ‘more’.

Each member adds a different influence to the sound, the modal finger picked guitar playing of Thomas adds a sense of movement while Gareth takes both folk and free jazz ideas to play against Leo's free rock influenced drum work. The tracks were recorded all in single takes with just a quick discussion of outline and tuning as a basic guide.

Gareth Davis records on Important, Miasmah, Sonic Pieces, Dekorder, Home Normal etc. Collaborating with Machinefabriek, Steven R. Smith, Scanner, Frances-Marie Uitti, Ryan Teague, Elliott Sharp, Ian Hawgood and the like.

Leo Fabriek releases on Digitalis, Home Normal etc. and is also the drummer with the noise rock band Julie Mittens.

You can check out a track from MERE I here:

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You can stream, share and buy the Gareth Davis and Machinefabriek album 'Drape' here:

You can stream, share and buy the Gareth Davis, Jan Kleefstra, Romke Kleefstra album 'Tongerswel' here:

You can pre-order the Gareth Davis related album 'Nantucket' by 'The Whalers Collective' from KOMU here: