Masayoshi Fujita

Masayoshi Fujita is a brilliant Berlin based vibraphonist who is recognised under both his given name, as well as under his more electronic moniker 'el fog'. His work has appeared on our dear friend labels Moteer and Flau, and in summer 2012 we finally released the excellent 'Tesseract', Masayoshi's work with Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer (a.k.a. Pan Am Scan). The group is also an experimental improvisational band including live-generative visuals by Rainer Kohlberger.

Here's some official stuff about Masayoshi:

Masayoshi Fujita is a vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. Being influenced by classic, jazz and many other kinds of music, but not following ordinary vibraphone play style and theory of composition, Masayoshi seeks his own sound of vibraphone, and new possibility of it.

He makes also unique and beautiful sound using bows (for string instruments), strings of beads and other objects on his vibraphone. The music he makes has very unique atmosphere and suggests images and stories to the listener.

Under his electronic solo project alias, el fog, Masayoshi combines the vibraphone and analogue/digital electronic sound and textured noises using divers experimental methods.

El fog's music is inspired by electronic music, jazz, dub, hip hop, classic etc..., and also the silence and deepness of the fog and the mountains and the gravity within.

El fog's first album "Reverberate Slowly" from Moteer Records (UK) in 2007, and 2nd album "Rebuilding Vibes" from Flau label (JP) in 2009.

Here's a beautiful film from Masayoshi's 'Swan and Morning Dews' on Flau:

You can stream, share and buy the excellent album 'Tesseract' by Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben and Kassian Troyer here: