Marihiko Hara

A number of years ago now, Marihiko Hara was one of a handful of artists in the net-label scene who were really making some special music. HIs 2007 release 'Cesura' on the superb Zymogen label was one of the best examples of beautifully fractured melodic ambience at the time, and he soon gained a solid internationally following thereafter. In 2011 we released his more beat-driven work 'Credo' to enormous critical acclaim both at home and abroad. It was one of the top sellers for label and distirbutor that year, evening gaining the coveted Tower Records album of the month at various stores around Japan. A year after the release of 'Credo' he also very kindly did a remix for the Geskia! bonus album '323 Sayonara Memories Remixed' in 2012. He was also heavily involved with the 'Northern Birds' release by polar M on our sister label, Nomadic Kids Republic.

Here's more information about Marihiko Hara (English):

Marihiko Hara is a composer residing in Kyoto, Japan. Born in 1983. Graduated from Kyoto University. 
He produces electric and acoustic sounds (Ambient to beat-driven music )and also music for theatre performances and people involved in many fields, such as visual artists and traditional Japanese instrumentalists.
He took part in "La Chambre Claire" directed by Shiro Takatani (Dumb Type), and his new work "CHROMA"(with Simon Fisher Turner).
The short movie "COLUMBOS"(Directed by KAWAI + OKMURA, Music : Marihiko Hara) was invited and screened at the Locarno International Film Festival, London International Animation Festival in 2012.

Marihiko is active in collaborating with various artists. Recently, he played with Andi Otto (City Centre Office) at Official Inauguration of Goethe-Institut, Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto in front of Bundespräsident Christian Wulff, Kyoto's Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa and the President of the Goethe-Institut, Prof. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann. And also collaborated with great artists : MAN, Sylvain Chauveau, Tomas Phillips, Pleq and so on.

In 2011, the latest album "Credo" (Home Normal) was released and multi-channel audio work "Unrhymed" is continually exhibited over the world since 2008.

Here's more information about Marihiko Hara (Japanese):

1983年生まれ。京都在住。京都大学 教育学部卒業。 
静寂の中の強さをテーマに音作品に取りかかる。アルバム『Credo』(Home Normal)よりリリース。
高谷史郎演出『明るい部屋 -La Chambre Claire』(びわ湖ホール公演)に音響として参加。
2011年には、伊勢谷友介監督作品『セイジ -陸の魚-』(音楽監督:渋谷慶一郎)のサウンドトラック、2012年には高谷史郎演出作品『CHROMA』(音楽:サイモン・フィッシャー・ターナー)にクリエイションとして参加。

 コラボレーションも積極的に行っており、ゲーテインスティテュート、ヴィラ鴨川の開所式にてドイツ連邦共和国大統領出席の下、Andy Otto(Ciry Centre Offices)とともに演奏した。その他、MAN (Sub Rosa)、Sylvain Chauveau、Tomas Philipps、Pleqなどとも作品を制作。

2006年より津田睦美展『FEU NOS PERES - ニューカレドニアの日系人』に関連して、ニューカレドニアと日本各地でコンサートを行なう。2009年春に、イタリア、フランスでライブ。
2010年春にはドイツMille Plateaux『Clicks & Cuts 5.0』に参加し、 秋には初のオリジナルフルアルバムとなる『黄昏とピアノ』(Parade)をリリースした。2011年秋にはフランス、ナントの総合文化施設Le Lieu Uniqueより原 摩利彦ソロ、およびrimaconaともに招待された。

Here is a short video of Marihiko performing live just after his 'Credo' release came out in 2011:

You can follow Marihiko Hara's upcoming news, releases and shows on his site here:

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