Maria Grigoryeva

Even at such a young age, Maria Grigoryeva has already won several International competition for young musicians. She has composed symphonies, quartets, solo-pieces for different instruments, different ensembles, and a lot of music for percussion and harp. On “Many-minds many-worlds” she joined forces with Alexander Mahnev and Vladimir Shubin whose names are well-established in St Petersburg classical/contemporary spheres. Nowadays she is art-director, violinist and composer of her own ensemble for Contemporary Music in St-Petersburg, and works with many Petersburg musicians, DJs, dancers, video-artists. We were so happy that she was part of the wonderfully collaborative 'Cordophony' release by Philippe Petit & Friends in 2012.

This is 'STEP 3' by Maria Grigoryeva:

Here's a little more information about Maria Grigoryeva:

Graduated from two departments of St-Petersburg State Conservatory – violin (L.Kovalenko) and composition (prof – A.Mnazakanjan, graduated with honours in 2010), chamber music (I.Dzekzer).
Maria is winner of several competitions: International competition for young musicians, organized by association “Art and Pedagogic of 21 century” (1 prize, violin, Finland), Competition of Shostakovich (diploma, composition, Russia. She is author of symphony, quartets, solo-pieces for different instruments, different ensembles, and a lot of music for percussion), Winner of harp society (as harp-composer), International Competition of chamber music of Rubinstein (3-rd prize, Moscow), «Hope, Masters, Wizards” (Bulgaria, 2010, 3-rd prize as chamber-musician and composer)
Is an active musician. Had concerts in Russia, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Finland, Austria, Germany. Participated in different festivals: Shubertiade (Austria), Orlando Festival (Holland), AvantgardeFestival (Schiphorst), Barent’s Days (Norway), Sound Ways (Russia), Fin de Siecle (Russia), Week of Conservatory (Russia), Educational Bridge Project (2009). Has been studying in summer Academies in Germany and Holland. Was chosen as Bang on a Can festival-fellow-composer (MassMoca, USA, 2010).
For long time was art-director, violinist and composer of her own ensemble <mini-orchestra>. It’s the one ensemble of contemporary music in St-Petersburg, and even there are no such analogs in hole Russia. <Mini-orchestra> had recitals in Philharmonia of St-Petersburg and in different other halls. Repertoire is huge, but the main idea is to create ensemble for performing of her own music.  <Mini-orchestra> had participated in different Festivals of contemporary music in St-Petersburg.
Also has a lot of projects. The main idea is synthesis of arts. In December 2008 was working for ballet with her electronic music. Maria is playing electric violin, also practicing drums by herself. In July 2009 released first solo disk with her electric violin solo-compositions and music of different years played by mini-orchestra.
Co-operates with many Petersburg musicians, DJs, dancers, video-artists. Works in directions: from classics to electro-acoustics, ambient, a chill-out, minimalism,  minimal-techno, techno, jazz, avantgarde, film music, theatre, plastic theatre, performance.
In 2009-2010 has composed an opera named: “Sleeping Prophet”. The protagonist of the opera is American prophet Edgar Cayce. The opera is composed for singers and a chamber orchestra. The duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes, with one intermission. Opera is going to be staged in 2013 in different countries.
Official composer of Polina Raudson fashion house (music and sound design for 7 shows) and Private Maternity Hospital (Saint-Petersburg). In 2012 there was released a CD (2000 copies) with Maria’s music for pregnant women.
From September till March of 2012 studied Electronic Music Production course in Manchester (UK).
Currently is doing Masters in Scoring for Film, Television and Video games at Berklee College of Music (Valencia Campus).

In June 2013 recorded an orchestral piece called "Rising" at Warner Brothers Studio (Los Angeles).

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