lycoriscoris is a very talented young Tokyo-based producer. We were lucky enough to have him do a remix for '323 Sayonara Memories Remixed' bonus cd by Geskia!

Here's a little more about lycoriscoris (Japanese):

東京を中心に活動する音楽家。幼少の頃より楽器に触れて育ち、 バンド活動を経て2009年頃より本格的に電子音楽の制作を始める。 2011年11月11日にmoph recordsより1stアルバム「from beyond the horizon」をリリース。 ラップトップスタイルやバンドセットなど様々なスタイルでのライブパフォーマンスを行い、 これまでに「DOMMUNE」や「PROGRESSIVE FOrM showcase 2011」、「moph records showcase 2011」、涼音堂主宰「渋響」などのイベントに出演。2012年8月には中国ツアーを行い成功を収める。 デジタル機材を使いながらもオーガニックな音作りを心がけ、感覚を喚起させる音楽をテーマに楽曲制作を行なう。

Here's a little more about lycoriscoris (English):

lycoriscoris is musician/composer based in Tokyo. He was born in Okayama in 1987 and was educated at Sound Technology School, then began the production of electronic music since 2009. The name lycoriscoris derives from play on words of lycoris and squirrel(risu). 1st album "from beyond the horizon" was released by moph records (JPN) on November 11, 2011. He performs live by playing the laptop, piano, and other hardware and successfully left intense impact on such as "DOMMUNE", "PROGRESSIVE FOrM showcase 2011", "moph records showcase 2011". His challenge is to keep making an organic sound by using digital equipment. Theme of his composition is "music that evokes the sensation".

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