Library Tapes

Library Tapes is the work of David Wenngren. The re-mastered re-issue of 'Sketches' was our very first release, and was met with critical acclaim. This was the beginning of our long relationship with David, as well as the cellist on that album, a certain Danny Norbury.

It wasn't until Ian watched Library Tapes play a show for his friends CMFLG in Japan that he finally found the right music to kickstart Home Normal. They stayed in touch and spoke about a release for the next year or so, culminating in 'Sketches' as David wanted the limited edition tour CDR to be given a wider audience. It was met with critical acclaim and meant Ian and Ben had to cancel their respective holidays to prepare packages to send out! Danny and David had also recently completed the work under their Le Lendemain guise, which we decided to release a little later in the same year as our seventh release. It was a huge record for us and gained rave reviews, earning album of the week accolations in both Boomkat and Norman Records (unheard of before or since) among others, as well as appearing in various end of year 'best of' lists. 

Early in 2010, David made a reworking for Ian's 'Slow Films Low Light'. After a range of releases and collaborations, as well as another tour of Japan (where David taught Ian about his love for NHL, NFL, and well, all sports really...and the art of minimal tour packing), David released his collaboration with the very talented Christopher Bissonnette. 'The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude' was again met with critical acclaim, with many praising its boldness, and post-classical brooding nature.

As we write this, there are plans afoot to celebrate the Library Tapes tenth anniversary, which nicely ties in with Home Normal's fifth anniversary in March 2014. More to follow :)

Here's a rather lovely film for the track 'Waves' (from the album Sketches'):

Here's a little more about Library Tapes:

Library Tapes was formed in 2004 by David Wenngren and Per Jardsell. They did two albums together for the Resonant label before Per quit the band in 2006. In 2007 David released ”Höstluft”, an album consisting of solo piano and field recordings on Make Mine Music and in the same year he started working together with Danny Norbury and Peter Broderick. Danny played cello and saw on ”Sketches” and ”A summer beneath the trees” while Peter played many different instruments on ”A summer beneath the trees” and on the ”Fragment” EP that was released in 2008 by Kning Disk. In 2009 Sketches was re-issued on the Japanese label Home Normal, with the Danny Norbury collaborative project Le Lendemain releasing their album 'Fires' on the same label in the summer of that year to critical acclaim. In 2010 David released his fifth Library Tapes album “Like green grass against a blue sky” on his own label, Auetic. In the same year Auetic also re-released the two first Library Tapes albums. Towards the latter half of the year, 12k released David's work with his partner Ylva Wiklund under their 'Murralin Lane' moniker. In November 2011 David released an album with Christopher Bissonnette titled 'The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude' again on Home Normal. In February of 2012 he released his collaboration with Kane Ikin 'Strangers' on Kesh. In the summer of 2012 the sixth Library Tapes album was released. It’s called “Sun peeking through” and features Julia Kent and Danny Norbury on cello and Sarah Kemp on violin. Besides Library Tapes David also makes music under his own name as well as Birch & Meadow.

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