Le Lendemain

This is just a short bio for Le Lendemain. We have longer pages for Library Tapes and Danny Norbury which you can access by clicking on their names. Thanks!

OK, first things first, 'Fires' is Ben's favourite Home Normal release to date. We could stop there, but let's say a little more...

Just after Library Tapes 'Sketches' was released, David Wenngren mentioned another project with the lovely Danny Norbury he had been working on. This one was more collaborative than previous work with equal share of duties with the record, and we were thrilled that they wanted to release this with us.

'Fires' was our seventh release and was met with critical acclaim, becoming something of a classic release for the label. It is, we believe, the one and only time Boomkat and Norman Records in the UK, both named it as an album of the week. It was massive in Japan and seemed to highlight just how talented both artists were, and just how well they worked together, leaving just the right amount of space between them to capture the moment in all its subtle, carefully weighted glory.

They have yet to record another album as Le Lendmain in four years now, but we do have plans for a vinyl re-issue in 2014 to tie in with the Home Normal 5th anniversary, and 10th anniversary for Library Tapes...maybe even a performance in London and Japan too.

Here is a track from the album:

Words by Ian Hawgood about Le Lendemain:

I never much liked trying to write bios for myself, let alone others…yet here I sit trying to write a bio for Le Lendemain at their request. So first off, Le Lendemain is made up of Danny Norbury and David Wenngren. Danny is from Manchester, England, David from Gävle, Sweden. David works under a bunch of guises, his most well-known being Library Tapes. Danny worked with David on the Library Tapes albums ‘Sketches’ and ‘A Summer Beneath The Trees’ but ‘Fires’ is their first full album together. Danny plays cello and dulcitone, David piano and field recordings. Danny has released on labels like Static Caravan, Ono and Lacies Records. David on Auetic (his own label), Make Mine Music, Kning Disk and of course, Home Normal. Between them they have worked with The Boats, Colleen, Peter Broderick, Sylvain Chauveau and many more. Danny’s album ‘Light In August’ and David’s ‘A Summer Beneath The Trees’ are two of my favourite records. They are both really nice blokes and great artists. That’ll do…I’m off for a pint…

You can listen to some of their work on MySpace if you fancy:


You can stream, share and buy 'Fires' here: