Label History

A little bit about us:

* Founded in 2009 after a little over 2 years of development.

* Based in Japan, the label was run as a way to connect to a sense of what 'home' and 'normal' could mean to someone who was in what was essentially an alien environment to them.

* The focus of the label was to release the ambient and electronic works of friends within the live scene we were part of in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, but soon expanded to include the work of many artists worldwide.

* The label's initial relationships stem from the live scene as noted above, as well as the netlabel scene of 2005 through to roughly 2009. Whilst there have been a few deviations from this, Home Normal has come back to these contacts time and again for the work they produce.

* The Home Normal label is not focused on mass producing works for modern digital streaming services, but is about creating beautiful, minimally designed physical packages that will have a lasting legacy.

* In connection to the above statement, our work can not only be found in stores worldwide, but also in museums, libraries (inc. The British Library), cafes, clothing stores, and various places in spots around the world.

* As a widely distributed label in the USA, Europe, and all across Asia, our works can be found in a number of places and will be available in unique independent stores for many years to come.

* In connection to the above statement, we do not believe in dumping our work in mass stores that have no connection to the work we produce.


* We see the label as a family of friends who work together to create unique works that have a hold and impact on whoever can take their time to absorb our music and aesthetic. We love and thank you for being involved in something we are completely invested in on so many levels, especially in an age of rapid consumerism and thoughtlessness. We salute you. x