Konntinent was the project of London based Antony Harrison. Ant and Ian got to know each other through their net-label work and eventually met up when Antony came to Japan in 2009 to play at the Symbolic Interaction festival. They agreed to a new Konntinent release as well as collaboration. 'Opal Island', his second full length album, and debut for Home Normal, met with critical acclaim, and even garnered recognition in national and international press from the likes of The Wire through to Pitchfork.

The Konntinent moniker evolved quickly over time as Ant wanted to change his direction after a handful of wonderful releases. His last recorded work under the Konntinent moniker was the sell-out album 'Closer Came The Light', which is to date our biggest selling record in the States. He has since closed the Konntinent moniker, and is now working under the Paco Sala guise with Birch (previously Leyli). Their debut 'Ro-me-ro' came out in 2012 on the celebrated Digitalis label, again garnering incredible praise. They are currently playing shows around Europe and have almost finished their second album due out later in the year on Digitalis.

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Here's Ant playing with Birch as Paco Sala performing at the Boiler Room in 2012:

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