013 Ian Hawgood 'Slow Films In Low Light'

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Cat.No: home n013
Release date: February 12th, 2010
First Edition: 1000 (digipack) SOLD OUT / Second Edition: 1500 (digipack) SOLD OUT

Release description:
‘Slow Films In Low Light’ is a collection of remixes and re-workings by friends and artists from my now deleted album ‘Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made’. The original album was released on the lovely Rope Swing Cities but I decided I wanted it to be a temporary release given the nature of the album. RSC and I decided to do a small release to coincide with the original, as a limited run CD-R featuring re-workings and remixes of the pieces by friends, namely The Remote Viewer, Geskia!, Ten and Tracer and Pan Am Scan.

Over time it became apparent that this project needed to spread its wings, and with lots of support from the lovely Yasuhiko Fukuzono (Aus), and other close friends, I decided to ask more friends to join in with the project. I’m so lucky that all the friends I wanted and asked agreed to be involved, creating highly unique pieces from the original sources (sometimes changing them completely). As such I suddenly found myself with this amazing album, featuring past, present and future Home Normal, Tokyo Droning and Nomadic Kids Republic artists and good friends.

The grand result is a really nice review of where Home Normal is at in some ways I guess, as well as highlighting where I am at musically too, albeit through the voices of others who know me. One of the results of these artists giving their time and enormous talents so freely to this was that I decided that this release should be for charity.

In 1982 my father set up The Archway Foundation, a charity that focused on helping those in various walks of life who are deeply affected by loneliness. They hold weekly social events, organise dinners, visits, drivers to take people to places and all sorts of support work. I grew up attending and helping out the various events, but have less to do with them after my parent’s retirement and my moving away from Oxford. In these difficult economical times, charities, which rely on the donations of others, are suffering terribly. But these people still need all the support they can get, so I guess I just figure that, even if it’s a small level of support we can provide, at least we can try.

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” Orson Welles

ALL the proceeds from this release will go to The Archway Foundation (http://www.archwayfoundation.org.uk/), a UK charity who serve those hurt by loneliness.

Mastered by Ian Hawgood at Yoshimura Studios
Photography by the very talented Eirik Holmøyvik

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Boomkat – Album of the Week
*Beautiful interpretations of Hawgood originals delivered by The Remote Viewer, Danny Norbury, Library Tapes, Hannu and others…* The Home Normal label boss Ian Hawgood released an album in 2008 called ‘Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made’. This album is a companion piece to that (now deleted) body of work, which calls upon a host of Hawgood’s friends and colleagues to contribute remixes based on his original tracks. The assembled artists include The Remote Viewer, Danny Norbury, Hannu, Library Tapes and Chihei Hatakeyama representing a multicultural yet in many ways like-minded bunch. Federico Durand gets the set off to a fine start, drumming up further anticipation for his forthcoming solo album debut with a lovely sculpture of delicate high frequency work circulating around processed piano loops, birdsong and other environmental noises. While similarly reverential lowercase exercises tend to be the primary order of the day, there are notable exceptions that keep the tone hugely absorbing. Some contributors bring beats into play: Geskia!, Color Cassette and Yuri Miyauchi all break up the album’s stately hush with varying levels of surprisingly full-blooded drum programming and glitch beats. Alternatively, Danny Norbury brings his sweeping cello strokes to the sequence, adding a different kind of physical presence to the mix. Perhaps most unusual of all are the more song-like entries, such as the crackling, looped abstract vocals shaping Miko’s track or more radical still, the almost Maps-like pop-tronica of the final piece, by He Can Jog, featuring Nick Sanborn. But for our money, its the worn analogue percolation’s of The Remote Viewer that really make the hairs on the back of our neck stand on end – they are just so singularly good at what they do. A fine and boldly diverse collection from Home Normal, and one made doubly laudable for its charitable aims: all proceeds from this release will go to The Archway Foundation, an organisation setup by Hawgood’s father in the 1980s to support “those in various walks of life who are deeply affected by loneliness”. Gorgeous.

Norman Records – Recommended
Home Normal have been busy lately with five releases out in as many weeks. Here’s the 5th and it’s a CD by Ian Hawgood called ‘Slow Films In Low Light’. This one is a reissue of sorts of an older out of print album with a twist! This time it’s been remixed by loads of folks like The Remote Viewer, Danny Norbury, Colour Cassette, Federico Durand (his mix is awesome!), Geskia, Hannu, Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Ten & Tracer, Chihei Hatekayama and lots more. That’s a stellar line up!! I’m not familiar with the original so I can’t comment on how faithful the tracks are but after hearing this one a few times I can say I don’t think it matters as this is a top stand alone listen. Lots of fuzz, crackles and whizzes over drones, tinkles, strings, micro electronics, acoustic guitar etc. The tracks are varied and for me the stand out tracks are the Federico Durand, Library Tapes, Ten & Tracer, D Norbury and Chihei. The whole album is excellent and you can feel even happier buying it as the money is going to charity (the Archway Foundation) to help folks who suffer from Loneliness. It’s cheap as well so you should have no qualms getting one. I’ve never had a qualm in my life though… I’ve only not had them.

Stephen Fruitman – Sonomu
A festival of shorts for a good cause.

Ian Hawgood is a talented and inquisitive musician, as his Experimedia release “The Great Allure”, nominated for the prestigious Qwartz Award, attests. Also noteworthy is ”Snow Roads” released by Dragon´s Eye Recordings, a wilderness trek of great poise. Contributions from Celer and Taylor Deupree, among others, indicate the high regard in which he is held by his colleagues.

Along with his broad range of interests and unbridled enthusiasm, running three labels from bases in London and Tokyo has placed him at the hub of an international experimental musical community.

Thus when he decided to exhume an out-of-print album, “Soundtrack to a Film in My Head That Will Never Get Made”, as the foundation stone of a remix project, it is hardly surprising he had no trouble lining up talented friends to help.

“Help” is also the key word here, since all the proceeds from Slow Films in Low Light are going to charity. It´s worth quote Hawgood at length:

“In 1982 my father set up The Archway Foundation, a charity that focused on helping those in various walks of life who are deeply affected by loneliness. They hold weekly social events, organise dinners, visits, drivers to take people to places and all sorts of support work…[T]hese people still need all the support they can get, so I guess I just figure that, even if it’s a small level of support we can provide, at least we can try.”

The musical results are as enchanting as the cause is noble. Fourteen “films”, most running about five minutes, have been extrapolated from Hawgood´s original material, each as unique as the artists who have created them.

Among the highlights are twinkling frequencies of The Remote Viewer, the warm and sentimental violin of Danny Norbury, the glitchy front porch pickin´and grinnin´ of Color Cassette, the looped and loopy guitar of Miko, the single, sustained trumpet note of Library Tapes, and the light-as-a-feather waft scented by Chihei Hatakeyama.

P*Dis / Inpartmaint – Staff Monthly Recommendation
レーベルのスタートから1年間で13枚もの作品をリリースという怒濤の活動により、まさに2009年エクスペリメンタル・ミュージック界でMVP級の活躍 を見せた home normal。09 年の最後を飾るのはレーベルの共同オーナーである東京在住のイギリス人アーティスト、ian hawgoodです。本作は彼の過去のアルバム『Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made』をレーベル周りのアーティストや彼の友人たちによるリミックス&リワーキングしたトラックを収録したコンピレーション。美しすぎるサウンドス ケープはとても感動的です。また、本作はチャリティー・アルバムで、売上はすべてUKのthe archway foundationという慈善団体に寄付されるそうです。

Though credited to Ian Hawgood, the fourteen tracks on Slow Films In Low Light are more accurately Hawgood’s work as refracted through the artistic sensibilities of kindred spirits, many of them associated with his Home Normal, Tokyo Droning, and Nomadic Kids Republic labels. Specifically, artists were asked to re-work material from Hawgood’s now-deleted Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made (Rope Swing Cities), and the result is a sixty-seven-minute collection that offers an encapsulating overview of the electro-acoustic ambient genre. A mere scan of the participants’ names—The Remote Viewer, Geskia!, The Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Ten and Tracer, and Chihei Hatakeyama among them—will tip the listener off as to what to expect (the release should strongly appeal to fans of flau and mü-nest).

A tranquil garden of delicate melodies, electric piano sprinkles, and summery ambiance, “A Film by The Remote Viewer” (all tracks share the same title format) is especially lovely, but then so too are the bucolic dreamscapes by The Green Kingdom and Ten and Tracer, and Danny Norbury’s soothing mix of cello, synthetics, and piano. Pieces by Yuri Miyauchi, Miko, and Hatakeyama sparkle and shimmer as radiantly. Compared to the meditative character of many pieces, Color Cassette’s charming folktronic track is jauntier and buoyant, suggestive of someone taking in the countryside on horseback. Geskia! contributes a signature slice of downtempo ambient-hip-hop to the collection, Hannu’s spacier, synth-heavy piece has its head more in the upper stratospheres than on terra firma, and, in a surprising twist, He Can Jog dresses up synthetically drenched piano pop with a smooth vocal turn by Nick Sanborn. Bolstering the release’s appeal, Hawgood’s carries on the spirit of generosity exemplified by the artists in his decision to donate all proceeds generated by the release to charity, specifically The Archway Foundation, a UK-based organization established in 1982 by his father to help those deeply affected by loneliness.