Ian Hawgood

Photo by Fabio Orsi

  1. Ian Hawgood is the curator of Home Normal, Nomadic Kids Republic, Tokyo Droning, and his own music and collaboration label, Koen Music (also known as KOMU). 
  2. He is a founding member of The Whalers Collective, The Black Elk Quartet, Wraith vs Wrath, Lost Lanterns, Ghosts In The Alleys (Of Your Heart), Tiny Isles, Kinder Scout. 
  3. His work has appeared on such labels as Experimedia, Smallfish, Hibernate, Mobeer, Slow Flow Rec, Dragon's Eye, Acroplane, Umor Rex, I Absentee, Headphonica, Dog Eared Records, October Man, Best Kept Secret, Rope Swing Cities, Resting Bell, 12rec, Under The Spire, Champion Version, U-Cover, Test Tube, Phantom Channel, Luv Sound, Lunar Flower, and more.
  4. He was a member of the band Weapon, and was also in the groups Spanky / Man-Ray. 
  5. He commonly collaborates with Tim Martin (Maps and Diagrams), Danny Norbury, and Jason Corder (offthesky). 
  6. He works under different monikers, some secret, some not. The most well-known of the known ones is probably Koen Park. 
  7. He is a sound engineer, lecturer and teacher, and is currently doing his PhD. His main fields are analog recording methods, wiring anything and everything so they work differently and/or look pretty, ancient tribes and earthy spirituality.
  8. He was a founding member of The Sancho Plan audio-visual unit with Ed Cookson which went on to do video work for Coldcut/Ninja Tune, as well as going on to playing shows around the world. Ian and Ed are currently working on their debut together after many many years of noise and electronic tinkering, as well as installation work which will be open in 2014 in London.
  9. He is an award-winning music producer for short films and adverts, from BAFTA nominated shorts to various nature documentaries, through to work with Chrysler, Sony, Film4, Invisible Wizard, London City Council, the multi-award winning film LIN, and more.
  10. As an installation artist he has held shows around the world from Brazil to London, to Tokyo, and beyond, and has overseen audio work from MoMA through to Tate Modern in the UK.
  11. He currently lives by the river in Nakajuku, Tokyo, with his wife and dog. He's got lovely neighbours who don't mind the fact that his music rumbles the walls at times, and he generally walks around the hood in an unkempt state with paint-covered shorts, ripped vest, and tattoos on show when its a bit of a no-no really. Or maybe they just like his dog.
  12. Last but not least: he's socially inept.
Here's some stuff Ian's done before: