Hearts+Horses are Wes Steed and Jeannette Faith, recently joined by Tom Monson. They also release work as Park Avenue Music. They very kindly did a remix for the Gurun Gurun bonus album 'Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu' back in 2011.

Here's a little more information about Hearts+Horses:

The trio Hearts + Horses came together after the founding members Wes Steed and Jeannette Faith witnessed Tom Monson’s exquisite talent with percussion and reeled him in to play improvised sets, often contributing to the experimental jazz scene in Sacramento, California. Monson, who regularly plays with Cake, Anton Barbeau, and other Sacramento-based artists, joined married couple Steed and Faith (formerly of Park Avenue Music) to make beautiful improvisational soundscapes. Mostly instrumental, the group’s debut showcases piano, both acoustic and Rhodes, adding to that the effects of modular synthesizers, dynamic drums, and feminine vocals reminiscent of dreams you had as a teenager in love sprinkled over the tracks like powdered sugar.

Here's a short video for the superb Park Avenue Music track 'betrwayx' remixed by Hior Chronik.

To keep up-to-date with their work and performances as hearts+horses you can go to their site here:


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To keep up-to-date with their work and performances as Park Avenue Music you can go to their site here:


You can stream, share and buy 'yume no mori - hearts+horses remix' from Gurun Gurun's 'Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu' here: