He Can Jog

He Can Jog is the work of Erik Schoster. Erik and I have known each other for a number of years now after Erik put out my initial 'Tents and Hills' release on his wonderful LuvSound imprint in 2008. His release on David Newman's (Autistici) excellent Audiobulb label, 'Middlemarch' is one of my favourite releases in the last few years by anyone. Erik very kindly created a wonderful reworking with Nick Sanborn for 'Slow Films In Low Light' in 2010. He followed this up with the superb 'Norwood, Wisconsin' on our sister label NKR in 2011. His group Cedar AV (with Nick Sanborn and Nathaniel Zabriskie) will release their debut as a double cd on NKR later in the year on NKR.

Here's a little more information about He Can Jog:

he can jog is computer musician erik schoster and friends from milwaukee wisconsin. as he can jog he has released three full length records and a smattering of eps, remixes, and sundry recordings on a number of small labels including nomadic kids republic, listening party, audiobulb records and the leaf label. xlr8r calls it music to "please both laptop scientists and kids wanting something pretty to listen to while driving a car."

This is a video of He Can Jog performing in 2012 with WC Tank and Jason Nanna in Chicago:

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