Hannu is Hannu Karjalainen, from Helsinki, Finland. We fell in love with his work after stumbling across his wonderful debut 'Worms In My Piano' in 2006/2007 in a store in Tokyo. He has since gone on to release his second album 'Hintergarten'  on the Kesh label. Hannu very kindly did a wonderful reworking for the Ian Hawgood release 'Slow Films In Low Light' back in 2010.

Here's a little more about Hannu:

Hannu Karjalainen lives in Helsinki, Finland. His surname is unpronouncable to non Finno-ugric language speakers so prefers to simply be known as Hannu. His musical background includes a free-grindcore band Abyss at the age of 11 plus lots of teenage experiments with four-track recorders and synthesizers.

His source of inspiration is nature, landscape, weather, light, places, friends… etc. His music captures a mood or a feeling of a place, to take the listener somewhere for a moment. The album is a very personal statement and it is mostly recorded and produced at home in Helsinki but some of the songs utilize sounds culled from four-track recordings he made as a teenager in his home town in Northern Finland.

This is 'Haapavsei' from 'Worms In My Piano':

You can stream, share and buy 'A Film by Hannu' from 'Slow Films In Low Light' here: