Gurun Gurun

Gurun Gurun released their excellent self-titled debut with us back in December of 2010. The album was met with critical acclaim, and was particularly successful in Japan where it was named as one of the albums of the year in many stores around the country (inc. Tower Records). They are currently working on their follow-up, but whilst we wait for that Jara Tarnovski and Federsel have recently completed a superb album based on Czech country music hero Wabi Danek's work, 'Wabi Experience', which will be out on Nomadic Kids Republic later in the year.

Here's a little more about the group from the guys themselves:

Gurun Gurun is a Czech-based experimental, weird ambient & improvised music collective formed in the autumn 2007 by guitarist Tomas Knoflicek and keyboardist Jara Tarnovski.

GG’s musical work combines guitars, analogue synthesizers, turntables, acoustic instruments and digital effects to span musical spaces ranging from hypno-minimalist atmospheres to warm tones of slow moving, repetitive melodic stanzas.

GG with new member Federsel (Handa Gote, B4) & special guests Moskitoo (12k), Sawako (12k, Anticipate), Opiate (Morr Music), Aki Tomita (Neguse Group), Irena & Vojtech Havel, Floex, Kora et le Mechanix and Daniel Meier are currently working on a debut album. The album will be released in November 2010 on Home Normal.

GG have shared the stage with Tim Hecker, Grails, Trespassers William, Handa Gote, Irena & Vojtech Havel, Kora et le Mechanix and many more.

Gurun is a fictional planet from the old school Slovak childish sci-fi TV series “She Came Out of the Blue Sky”

Gurun Gurun members:

Jara Tarnovski – musician, composer, sound artist, producer
Jara is one of the founding members of experimental pop band Miou Miou (Minty Fresh, Rallye Label). He has collaborated with Aus, Oldrich Janota, Kiddycar, Kora et le Mechanix, The Orff Brothers, Longital among others. He works as a music composer for radio, animated film, multimedia and art installations.

Tomas Knoflicek – musician, composer, sound artist, VJ
Tomas played in shoegaze/ambient band The Violine and has been a member of Miou Miou (Minty Fresh, Rallye Label) since 2005. Apart from his music activities, he teaches history of fine arts at the University of Ostrava.

Federsel – musician, composer, sound artist, actor

Since 1999 is a member of the Buchty a Loutky Theatre Company. In the same year he founded improvisational music band B4. Federsel also plays no-input mixing board in easy-listening noise project Radio Royal and is one of the founding members of the art group Handa Gote. Federsel cooperated with many contemporary dancers, theatre artists and film makers. He is a passionate mushroom picker.

guest artists:

Moskitoo (12k) is Sanae Yamasaki, a sound artist and graphic designer residing in Sapporo, Japan. Yamasaki’s gentle, airy vocals weave between broken beats and aqueous droplets of sound evoking half-awake memories lost and found. Influenced by visual art, modern electronic music and abstract pop, such as Eno’s explorations in the 1970’s, Yamasaki does not set out to write a particular style of music, but rather, lets her creative process emerge naturally, following whims and experiments.

Sawako is a sound sculptor, a timeline-based artist and a signal alchemist in the urban life environment who understands the value of dynamics and the power of silence. Once through the processor named Sawako, subtle fragments in everyday life float in space vividly with a digital yet organic texture. She is interested in the soundscape and the media scape of digital era, and her activities are making bridge between public and private, virtual and actual world. Sawako released her albums from 12k, and/OAR and Anticipate. She had collaborated with T. Deupree, A. Deutsch, J. Kirkegaard, K. Kirschner, D. Miyatani, among others.

Rurarakiss aka Aki Tomita is a sound artist & vocalist residing in Saitama, Japan. Aki is a member of the cute pop project Miyachan Akichan (with Daisuke Miyatani), she had collaborated with Pleq, The Potone!, Kosuke Anamizu, Naoto Taguchi, among others.

Opiate /Thomas Knak is a composer of electronic music and producer who ocassionally appears in the context of visual art. He produces and remixes as Opiate on labels such as One little Indian, Vertical Form, City-Centre Offices, Raster-Noton and Morr Music. Thomas is also part of Future 3 and System. Opiate has collaborated with Alva Noto and with Björk (Vespertine album).

Irena & Vojtech Havel. Their music has been described as “a duet between violoncello and piano taking place in a cathedral of sound.” The two have collaborated and released recordings for more than fifteen years, including work done for Czech television and frequent travel and recording in India. Irena & Vojtech Havel shared stage with Sufjan Stevens, The Clogs, Amiina or My Brightest Diamond.

Floex is visual & sound artist from Prague. In 2001 he released his debut album Pocustone  that bridges relatively isolated genres such as nu-jazz, electronic and modern contemporary music. He had collaborated with The Ecstasy Of St.Theresa, Ivan Kral, ZKA4T, among others. Floex aka Tomas Dvorak made music for internationally awarded art-games “Samorost II” and “Machinarium” by Amanita Design.

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