Go-qualia is a sound and visual artist from Japan, working in the IDM and ambient genres. He also runs the highly regarded Bunkai-Kei netlabel. 

In February 2012 we released '323 Sayonara Memories' by Geskia! which also came with a bonus edition featuring amazing remixes by some of the best electronic talent in Japan today. Go-qualia made one of the most awesome remixes/tracks we could ever imagine with his 'Answer Song (The Anti Hero​-​Mix) Remix by Go​-​qualia' masterpiece.

To keep up-to-date with his work please visit his MySpace here:


Here's the wonderful music video for his track 'Requiem':

You can keep up-to-date with his label work on the Bunkai-Kei site here:


You can stream, share and buy his amazing remix 'Answer Song (The Anti Hero​-​Mix) Remix by Go​-​qualia'  from '323 Sayonara Memories' here: