We first came across Geskia! (yes, the '!' is correct), with his debut release on our dear friends' label, Flau. Silent 77 was heralded as a bit of a masterpiece from the Wire magazine all the way through to Dose-One (Clouddead, Anticon) and it became a favourite album round these parts, with its intelligent mixture of electronica and ambient in equal measure. After Ian was kindly invited to submit a couple of remixes for his All Apologies record on Symbolic Interaction in 2009, Ian invited Geskia! to do a remix for part of his Slow Films In Low Light release in 2010, on Home Normal. The end result of this, as well as a mutual friendship with Yasuhiko Fukuzono (Aus), the Flau curator, was his '323 Sayonara Memories' release in May 2012 on Home Normal. The bonus edition of the album featured some of the most talented producers and artists in Japan today, and to date is our biggest selling record in Japan, even being the second biggest selling for our japanese distributors P*Dis in Japan that year!

Earlier in 2013 he released his newest work on legendary Japanese label, Progressive Form. 'Silent Of Light' was, as expected, met with critical acclaim here although we are still waiting for the rest of the world to really catch-up to just what a talented producer we are lucky enough to have on these shores.

Here's a little video of Geskia! live:

Here's a little more about Geskia! (English):

Geskia! is undoubtedly the master of Japanese underground hip-hop and breakbeats. He started off his journey of sound making in 2001, and became a part of the down-beat unit "coma5". Although Geskia's music style is heavily influenced by industrial music (especially by Industrial icons like Coil and Einstruzende Neubauten), trip-hop movement and techno music, but by listening to the unique music that he has been creating, one can indubitably tell that Geskia has already established his very own distinctive music style and philosophy, and it has begun to mesmerize many people, including his fellow artists. Geskia's music concept is to reproduce the life around him, to reflect the connections of him with others, and to manifest his perspective about the world. Many established artists spoke highly of Geskia's wonderful talent, including Dose-One (anticon, subtle, 13 & God), who described Geskia's music as "very pretty, very well-made". It is Geskia's aims to produce his music by using his sixth sense and subconscious connection with deliberate feelings. "To express those tiny magical moments in life with music".

Here's a little more about Geskia! (Japanese):

自身を取り囲む生活や他人との関わり、 またはその世界観の再現をコンセプトに2001年に活動を開始。初期はCoilやEinsturzende Neubautenに代表されるインダストリアル・ミュージックやテクノ、トリップホップ・ムーブメントに影響を受けていたが、徐々にオリジナルなスタイルを確立。coma5など数々のグループに所属し、トラック提供を果たしながら、Geskia名義で都内を中心に積極的なライブ・パフォーマンスを展開する。2008年flauと契約。日本人離れしたビート感覚とドラマティックなトラックメイキングが見事に結実したデビュー・アルバム『Silent 77』を発表し、世界中のメディアから喝采を浴びた。今年に入り、Vongaku、All Apologiesとしての作品もリリースするなど、活動が活発化。夏にはflauからの新作EP『Eclipse323』、術の穴より2ndアルバム『President IDM』を同時発売予定。


albums & eps:

  • Silent 77 (flau,2008)
  • President IDM (subenoana,2009)
  • Eclipse 323 (flau.2009)
  • Represent DIY (subenoana,2009)
  • Resonant DIM (subenoana,2009)
  • Alien (subenoana,2011)
  • Muon (dynamophone,2012)
  • 323 Sayonara Memories + (Remixed) (Home Normal, 2012)
  • Silent Of Light (Progressive Form, 2013)

compilation & remixes

  • aus - Antwarps (preco,2008)
  • The Silence Was Warm 2 (symbolic interaction,2008)
  • Pawn - Kitchen EP (symolic interaction,2008)
  • Electro 5 Finger - Zion System (low high who?. 2008)
  • Paranel - Recollections For Fifteen (low high who?,2009)
  • Eloq - Lost 70G (low high who?,2009) 
  • Ian Hawgood - Slow Films In Low Light (home normal,2010)
  • V.A. - Hello!!! vol.1 (subenoana,2010)
  • V.A. - Hello!!! vol.2 (subenoana,2010)
  • V.A. - Forma.3.10 (progressive form,2010)
  • Bugfics - Defrag (subenoana,2011)
  • Hopeless Local Marching Band - The Old Man Chokes Up~ (symbolic interaction,2011)
  • Bosa2 - Ristrante B (subenoana,2011)
  • V.A. - Play for Japan vol.3 (ototoy,2011)
  • V.A. - ICASEA Benefit Compilation (ICASEA,2011)
  • Cokiyu - Mirror Flake (flau,2011)
  • V.A. - YMO Rewake (electric sheep,2011)
  • Pawn - Glimmer of Sunlight (dynamophone,2011)

as Vongaku:

  • Crow That Spells Word In Globe (ctrl alt del,2008)

as All Apologies:

  • Nine Stories (symbolic interaction,2009)
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