Gareth Davis

When Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and I first talked about the L/M/R/W release ‘Drifts’, I was soon made aware of his work with the enormously talented clarinetist Gareth Davis. Following on from their 3″ releases of 'Soundlines' and 'Ghost Lanes', 'Drape' was released on Home Normal in 2010. This was followed up with the superb record with Romke and Jan Kleefstra 'Tongerswel' in 2011. Gareth is also a member of the group The Whalers Collective (with Ian Hawgood, Rie Mitsutake, Ryo Nakata, and Felicia Atkinson). Their debut will be released on KOMU at the end of September 2013. He is also involved with the soon to be released album from Birdt, 'Place For One Day', due out on Home Normal in October 2013. Finally, his group Mere with Leo Fabriek and Thomas Cruijsen will release their second album ('Mere II') towards the end of 2013.

Here's a little more information about Gareth Davis and his love of coffee:

Gareth Davis plays various clarinets. He also partakes regularly in the consumption of coffee, in particular, that which is brewed by forcing hot water, under pressure, through finally ground beans.  Espresso  /esˈpres.əʊ/. Either single origin or a few signature blends, stalwart companions, that, year in year out, retain a solidity by clinging to their name. Changing yes, but temperamental no. Ascaso stepless burr grinder. La Pavoni Europicola machine which, on occasion, has been known as the chrome peacock.

Gareth spends a fair amount of time at airports, but prefers traveling by train.

You can follow Gareth's releases, shows and up-to-date news on his site here:

Music - Gareth Davis and Elliot Sharp - Canephora - 10.03.2013 from Stedelijk Museum

You can stream, share and buy his album with Machinefabriek, 'Drape', here:

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