Fredricson is Masahiro Araki who is from one of our favourite cities: Nagoya, Japan. He's a highly respected electronic artist who releases with our dear friends at the Preco label. In February 2012 we released '323 Sayonara Memories' by Geskia! which came with a bonus edition featuring a superb remix by him called 'R.I.P_Colors (fredricson remix)'.

Here's a little more about Fredricson:

Fredricson is Masahiro Araki of Nagoya, releasing his first album after starting life composing music for major artists, short films and commercials. Masahiro mixes glitchy tripped up IDM beats with crisp catchy melodies to make up Fredricson’s ambient-pop electronica debut album.

Songs often start out chaotic, even psychedelic before melodies wind their way in, pulling beats, clicks and samples together to form beautiful compositions. 

Not dissimilar to artists found on the Rephlex or Toytronic labels, Fredricson’s debut release ‘Misc’ makes for an imagination-filled, fascinating and fun listen.

You can watch the amazing music video for 'Eyeme' here:

Here's a film of fredricson performing live at Vio:

You can stream, share and buy 'R.I.P_Colors (fredricson remix)' here: