Ekca Liena

Ekca Liena is the work of Daniel W J MacKenzie. We got into his work in earnest with the superb release 'Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement' on the sadly missed Dead Pilot Records label. He has since gone on to make an array of excellent records on great labels such as Under The Spire, Entropy and more. He's also a founding member of such great groups as Plurals and Hexenverfolgung. In June 2012 he released his collaboration with Spheruleus, 'Mapping The Boundary Layer'. It was met with critical acclaim and is one of our fastest selling records to date (it sold out within a week!). 

Here's a little more information about Ekca Liena:

As Ekca Liena, Daniel inflicts moody, sometimes enrapturing long form ambient / noise works onto the world. These contrast with a more conceptual, compositional style under his real name. His interest in conjuring melancholia, ritual, landscape, melody and intensity are key to his work and this defiant diversity has shaded him from the light of definable scenes. Daniel also forms part of Plurals, active in the noise underworld since 2007, makes scuzzy clatter with Thee Bald Knobbers and oppressive gloom in Hexenverfolgung, all of whom performed at last year’s Supernormal.

When not creating music, Daniel has long been active in promoting DIY punk / experimental events that cover Buckinghamshire, London and Brighton, works with Belgian label ConSouling Sounds and is an active visual artist and music writer working in a variety of disciplines.

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Here's a short video to accompany the track 'Further Longer' by Ekca Liena:

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