East Of Oceans

East Of Oceans is Brock Van Wey. He's also known to many as bvdub.

This will just be a short overview of East Of Oceans. For a more detailed bio and intro to bvdub / Brock Van Wey you can go to the relevant page here.

The last few years has seen Brock Van Wey (bvdub) hit a creative vein that is almost impossible to imagine. With each new addition to his enormous body of work, people continue to be surprised and touched in different ways by the honesty, openness, and most poignantly, spirit in his work. What is very apparent is with each new addition, he gains new fans who become rather obsessive about his entire works (to say the least!). 

So what then, when we uncover a new moniker. East Of Oceans recently appeared on the excellent Auxiliary label’s Symbol series (#6), but the East Of Oceans debut album '121 Years' took things even further with a sublime mix of subtle melodies, layered beats, and an incredible sense of spirit, energy and freedom.

We’ve been lucky enough to see and hear the development of ‘121 Years’ over the past year or so now, and have looked on in wonder at the sheer balls Brock has to make this. It is unlike anything we have heard in an album: both old school in some ways and yet new, different, unique and incredibly developed in others. It is an incredibly accessible record yet really rather different from the work under Brock’s well-known and loved bvdub guise. 

With beautiful photography by our dear friend Hitoshi Ishihara, and designed by Christian Roth, we feel that this is one of our most beautiful packages yet. We only ask that fans try to keep up with Brock's work, be open-minded and take onboard just what an incredible record this is. 

Brock will be playing at our 5th year anniversary in London on March 21st/22nd too...more to follow.

Here's a short clip of a rather wonderful little film for '3 Years Gone':

Here's a little more about bvdub / Brock Van Wey / East Of Oceans: 

Brock Van Wey was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1974. For the second time in his life, he’s made China his home, now living in Shaoxing. Brock has closely followed deep house, ambient, and experimental music since the early 90s, when he started DJing as bvdub. His tastes have always leaned towards the deep, going only deeper as time has passed. By the time he finally started producing in 2006, Brock had developed a fully realized vision of perfectly deep electronic music.

This vision was immediately recognized by labels such as Styrax and Andre Kroenert’s 2600 and Night Drive imprints, with bvdub releases dropping within a year of Brock’s first production efforts. Though quickly adopted by the tech house and deep techno scene, Brock wanted an outlet for his most personal pieces, and started Quietus Recordings, a limited edition CD label. Establishing his supreme talent in the spectrum between pure ambient and deep techno, bvdub has quickly built an impressive discography.

Towards the end of 2008, Brock released the 12″ “A Moment’s Peace” on Meanwhile. In 2009, Echospace released the full length album, “White Clouds Drift On And On,” with a second full length interpretation by Steven Hitchell as Intrusion. Brock’s “To Live” was released as one of Smallfish’s mini-CD releases (and rose to one of Resident Advisor’s top 50 tracks of 2009), and he’s recently appeared on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2010 compilation. His 2010 release on Glacial Movements ‘The Art Of Dying Alone’ was met with critical acclaim.

Since then he has released regualrly on labels like Home Normal, ANAY, Darla, and n5MD to name a few. Each release seems to have stunned people with its quality and depth (after so many...really? Isn't that given by now). Commonly lumped into the ‘dub techno’ genre, Brock’s music is anything but; he effortlessly reworks and re-interprets his influences to create something seemingly familiar but wholly different. Brock has also released music under his given name, Brock Van Wey, as Earth House Hold  and East Of Oceans.

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