Dot Tape Dot

dot Tape dot is a very highly regarded electronic lo-fi organic pop producer from Spain. He has released on various labels from spa.RK to Japan's Nature Bliss. He did a wonderful remix for the Gurun Gurun album 'Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu' in 2011.

Here's a fascinating short documentary 'Piedras y palos' by Daniel García for dot Tape dot:

Here's more information about dot Tape dot:

Daniel Romero is an hyperactive musician based in Asturias, north of Spain, a land of rough ocean and green valleys. In a very short time he has molded a very personal discourse based on lo-fi, toy instruments and low budget electronic pop. With his project .tape., his collaboration with the label-colective Sinclair-rrr and his own label (Ambulatore) has established his name up front of a new generation of bedroom electronica musicians and his work receives admiration from Japan to Mexico.

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Here's dot Tape dot playing live @ termas romanas de campo valdés:

You can stream, share and buy 'fu - dot tape dot remix' from Gurun Gurun's 'Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu' here: