Distributors & Stockists

We're lucky enough to be distributed and stocked by some incredible stores and people around the world. We've made sure that we are now working with people who really care about the music they promote, and each of these are very responsible and caring in an incredibly tough industry. They all work their socks off in a modern enviornment which sees almost no reward or gratitude for a genuine love and desire to put wonderful music out in continuing physical and digital formats. Show some love, and support your local record store today! :)

Morr Music (ANOST) are our very lovely digital distributors. You can get our entire back catalogue through them directly, as well as through iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep, and all the usual places.

They are based in Berlin, Germany and have been one of our favourite labels for years now. They release wonderful music and have been a massive supporter of all sorts of weird bleeps, drones and mad electronics since 1999.

A-Musik are our European distributors alongside Morr Music. They also run a very nice label of course. Founded by Georg Odijk in 1995, they have a superb and attentive team who have been supporting us since our first year.

P*Dis are our amazing Japanese distributors. As a Japan-based label we needed highly respected distributors who could help to get our work out to a very tough market. P*Dis have been amazing for us, and we would not be around without their love and support (special shout out to Shinsaku who works late nights every night to make sure people get the best possible attention they can). In Japan you can find our work in tiny independent stores, mega-stores like Tower Records, and even art galleries and cafes, all because of the amazing work they have done. 

Cargo Records are our super sleek, ultra on it, distributors in the UK. They are also our distributors for some parts of Europe and North America (yes, including Canada). Cargo are a really well-established label and distributors who we have been wanting to work with for ages, and as of early 2015 we are thrilled that they will be distributing our work so we can put our merry little feet up on release day.

Forced Exposure are our rather trendy distributors in North America. For over twenty years they've been distirbuting and supporting all sorts of strands of independent music. After a few years of being pushed and pulled to have stock in good local stores in America and Canada, we are thrilled that we will be finally available in the sort of stores we love.

Linus Records is one of the very few truly independent and open-minded stores around. Osamu, the man behind the store, also runs the excellent Preco Records label. Based in Tokyo, Japan, they are well known for supporting very small labels and independent artists when it really isn't what most stores in Japan do. They also put on shows and are highly respected for the breadth of genre they work in through their store and label.

Pastel Records is a wonderful store based in beautiful Nara, Japan. Its long been one of our favourite record stores. They keep a wonderful blog where they photograph their favourite packages, and have a real love for awesome design and artistic direction. Please check their site and you'll see what we mean :)

PopMuzik is a lovely store in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan which stocks a mixture of ambient, electronic and post-classical works. They've bee stocking Home Normal for a good few years now. Kyushu is one of the most beautiful parts of Japan so to have such support in a lovely part of the world is fantastic!

Experimedia have a huge chunk of our older (pre-2014) stock at bargain prices, and are run by our dear friend, Jeremy Bible. Jeremy has been a designer for Home Normal, but in recent years has overseen the amazing take-off of the Experimedia store and label. We're thrilled to work with such a great store, and a genuine music-loving guru in Jeremy. They currently have a huge chunk of our back catalogue, including long out of print releases, which they recently very kindly agreed to stock.

Stashed Goods is a wonderful store in the UK run by Dan and Jess who also run the Fluid Radio site. Alongside this they also run the Fluid Audio and Facture labels. The Stashed Goods store is one of the only world stores who support truly fantastic drone, ambient, post-classical, and minimal works.

Norman Records are a Leeds (UK) based store who have a long history of supporting a huge variety of independent labels and artists. Whilst they aren't particularly known for their love of ambient / drone music (and they constantly peg us as such but still), they have long been stalwart supporters of the label.

Boomkat is a highly regarded Manchester (UK) based store. Whilst in recent years they have become far more focused on electronic work, stocking much less ambient, post-classical etc music anymore sadly, they have been long-term supporters of the label and really helped to put us on the map. They are still considered our most local store as we are originally from Manchester, and we are really lucky to have the support we have from them.

Databloem is a great Dutch store which also runs its own labels (Databloem and Practising Nature). They were early supporters of various works by Jason Corder (offthesky) and have been supporting Home Normal since our inception. Please check out their wonderful releases as they put out some excellent stuff you most likely have never heard of before.

Ultimae is a very fine store based in lovely Lyon (France). They are huge supporters of the minimal ambient scene and beyond, stocking some relatively obscure gems which you should really check out if you get a chance. They really are one of the most unique stores around in their careful curated selection.

Auf Abwegen is a mailorder store and label that focuses on experimental and minimal works. Based in Cologne, Germany, we are thrilled that from 2017 they will be stocking our releases.

White Noise Records is a great Hong Kong based store who stock all sorts of fabulous music, host shows, and sell all sorts of merchandise.

Monochrome Vision is our distributor for Russia and they are a wonderful stockist. They are huge supporters of NKR, HN and KOMU, and have stocked our entire catalogue for a few years now.

Drone Records is a Germany-based mailorder service who specialise in drone, ambient and experimental music. They started back in 1993, with their aim to 'distribute music that encourages and requires sensitivity, calls for a critical awareness, has neither any commercial orientation nor does it follow any common marketing trends, hence staying away from an entertainment industry that is focused on profit maximisation. Our declared objective is the support and distribution of an intelligent musical culture that foregrounds personal communication and exchange as well as an utmost variety of alternative, experimental and critical contents.' 

U-Cover is an underground electronic label and mailorder located in belgium, home of Ontayso and painter, musician, photographer Koen Lybaert.

Flau Records is a great Japanese label run by our old mate Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aus). Although Flau are mainly a record label, they also run a very small store for friend's labels such as Home Normal, Cotton Goods, Moteer, etc. They still have some long sold-out stock from Home Normal.

Rough Trade is one of the two stores I (Ian) used to shop at in London when I lived there years ago. They also had a great store in Harajuku, Tokyo for a number of years where I would shop for records. We are so thrilled that Rough Trade stock Home Normal works in their London store, and have done since our inception.


If you stock Home Normal works and are not listed here, please let us know and we'd be happy to show our gratitude here!

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