For the past couple of years, Home Normal has been working with friends to quietly release digital works through our little channels alongside our physical packages. Working with a family of artists to spread their work and help fund their own releases has been key to our own development the last couple of years especially. Despite this, we have been limited to full albums of work that typically fit physical formats for obvious reasons, and have had to pass over works by friends such as single tracks, live works, E.P's, and really anything we love which we can't really put out on physical format. 

HN DIGITAL is a new side project we've decided to open up to fill this hole and allow us to support friends and artists we love. Each release will be run alongside our physical releases, with promotion to over 500 blogs, magazines and radio shows in our monthly press newsletter, and over 5000 of our lovely monthly newsletter readers for artists who we love to work with.

Our first 'releases' will be from our dear friend Stefano Guzzetti and his wonderful Stella Recordings label, followed by a number of amazing works we have secretly released over the past year, alongside new works by many wonderful friends. We'll also be starting our giant 'Prototypes' series of 16 connected albums made over the past ten years as a long-term collaboration between friends. We had originally planned to release these throughout 2018 and 2019 on CD, but with many of the albums going over the 80 minute mark decided it would be a good fit to bring the releases in earlier than slated via this digital platform.

We've had to keep this under our hats for a while now and it really is a pleasure to be presenting works by so many friends, enabling us to spread more beautiful music than we ever could have done before.

HN DIGITAL will be starting in April 2017 with its own unique Bandcamp page and will be distributed through our usual digital channels. :) If you are interested in a digital release with HN Digital, please send an email to and we'll get in touch if we like what we hear. Please only send full albums we can stream as we will just delete any download links (sorry!). Thanks for checking in and see you soon!