Danny Norbury

It might surprise many who follow Danny's work that he has actually contributed to eight Home Normal releases so far, from the very beginning with the Library Tapes release 'Sketches', right through to Orla Wren's 'Book of the Folded Forest'. Now, we usually share the load with these artist introductions and thus speak in the third person. But for Danny, its probably best to just go ahead and switch to the first person such is my (Ian) connection with him.

Danny Norbury, first and foremost, is probably the best human 'bean' (as Roald Dahl via the beautiful voice of the BFG put it) I have ever met. He's also ridiculously talented, but so humble about it, well, its just humbling in the process to witness. Danny and I got to know each other through some other wonderful buggers: Craig Tattersall, Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats), Miles Whittaker (Pendle Coven, Demdike Stare, all round nice guy and mastering genius), and David Wenngren (Mr. Library Tapes to many). In fact, by the time we had done our highly celebrated seventh release (the full-blown first collaboration of David and Danny as Le Lendemain), Danny had somehow been involved in three of the releases already.

Danny played the first ever Home Normal show, and whilst everyone played amazing sets and the audience seemed wonderfully enthralled by each, it was during Danny's incredibly hushed set that everyone seemed to lean forward that little bit more, and really absorb his amazing work. He has that affect at all of the shows I have seen him play (and he's played at almost every Home Normal organised event from England through to Japan).

We've worked together for a long time on our own terms as well, with projects that have only come to fruition in the last year or so really. A couple of years ago we made a remix for the wonderful Autistici album 'Rewired'. This was actually after we'd recorded the bulk of the work which eventually turned into Kinder Scout (with Jason Corder) and Black Elk (with Tim Martin and Clem Leek). 

In an age where artists often seemed so bloody self-obsessed and all about the image they give-off, and less about the music and just being a decent human 'bean', Danny stands out with his warmth, openess, and incredibly creative and generous spirit. It is with this spirit that he is able to give himself and his talent to support so many artists who need his unique voice in their work, and for this, and his amazing friendship, I will be forever grateful.

It must be about time for a new Danny Norbury album right? (His last full record...ONLY full record to date actually, was 'Light In August' on Andrew's Lacies label). The world needs it desperately now. It will happen I am sure...

Here's a little more information about Danny:

Danny Norbury lives and works in Manchester. He is a cellist. He has written and recorded highly acclaimed works; ‘Dusk’ (Static Caravan), ‘Jean Cocteau’ (Ono), 'Light In August' (Lacies), and Bluebeard (Wist Rec), using the instruments he has around him at home. He has collaborated with Library Tapes, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Ian Hawgood, Jason Corder and Nancy Elizabeth, and is a member of the groups The Boats (Craig Tattersall, Andrew Hargreaves), Kinder Scout (Jason Corder, Ian Hawgood), Black Elk (Ian Hawgood, Clem Leek, Tim Martin), and Le Lendemain (David Wenngren).

Here's a beautiful film of Danny playing live at nowhere, Toyama, Japan:

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