Craig Tattersall

Let's keep this short - Craig Tattersall is a legend, and one of the single biggest inspirations to the Home Normal label. He almost has no internet presence whatsoever, and instead invests in a variety of musical projects from The Boats to Hood, The Remote Viewer to The Humble Bee. He runs a few labels like Moteer, Mobeer, Our Small Ideas, and Cotton Goods, among others. He has a wonderful new project with Bill Seamn called The Seaman and The Tattered Sail which will be out on Fluid Audio soon. Craig and his old mate Andrew Hargreaves, released two records as The Boats on Home Normal. He also kindly did a highly praised reworking for 'Slow Films In Low Light' in 2010.

Andrew and Craig keep a pretty up-to-date blog here on Tumblr:

You can stream, share and buy 'Words Are Something Else' by The Boats here:

You can stream, share and buy 'Sleepy Insect Music' here:

You can stream, share and buy 'A Film by The Remote Viewer' from 'Slow Films In Low Light' here: