Color Cassette

So one day this package comes through the post from Craig Tattersall (owner of Moteer/Mobeer among many other things). Inside was Color Cassette's 'Small Town Smoker'. I didn't read the credits, but just whammed it on. Now I distinctly remember this for some reason - I was in my mum's garage where I had a lovely studio set-up for the weekends, and I was under a large desk wiring all sorts of stuff when I whacked my head on the underside of said desk so hard it knocked me out for a short time. When I came to, this music was playing and it was just incredible. So soulful, so organic and textured. I lay there and listened to it as it was on repeat for about three hours. When I got up, I had a look at the credits and found the name, 'Jason Corder' right there. I thought I may have still been suffering from the whack on the head, but I found myself wondering if it could be the same Jason Corder who I had been in touch with a few months before as offthesky. So I got in touch, and sure enough, it was the same guy.

Not long after this I found myself in Tower Records, Shibuya, Tokyo. There was this gorgeous cover and a big poster claiming some album to be 'new folk'. I whammed on the headphones and bought the album within 5 minutes, maybe less. Got home, had a proper look...'Color Cassette'. Inside, sure enough...yet again...'Jason Corder'. 'Holy shit' were the words that came out of my mouth. 'That guy is so talented its ridiculous'. It was the sound of friends just having so much fun on a record. 'Forever Sparrow' is still one of my absolute favourite records ever made, so there. 

Color Cassette created a wonderful re-working for my 'Slow Films In Low Light' release around the same time as offthesky's 'Hiding Nature' came out, and it was from there that we decided to work together, over time forming Kinder Scout (with Danny Norbury) and Tiny Isles (with Christopher Hipgrave and many wonderful friends). 

In December of 2013, Jason will finally release his long overdue CD/DVD package of music and film entirely made by him, 'Geometry Of Echoes'. At the end of the year we will be releasing his wonderful Juxtaphona album 'We Will Not Be Silence' on our sister label Nomadic Kids Republic on vinyl and digital. He also recently headlined Day 2 of the HomeNormalism festival in August.

Finally, we really hope the wait for the next Color Cassette album won't be too much longer now.

Here's a little more information about Color Cassette:

Color Cassette currently consists of Jason Corder (aka Offthesky), Lendin Hopes (aka Set In Sand) with guests vocals by Clint Colburn, guest drums by Colin Campbell and guest violin by Anna Hess.

Color Cassette released a strictly limited double CD on Mobeer - Moteer’s “micro brewery” offshoot label - called “Small Town Smoker”. It’s the precursor to their actual debut album, “Forever Sparrow”, out via the label Autres Directions in Music.

Here's the gorgeous music video for 'Fable Cinder':

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