Chronovalve is the music project of sound artist and musician Mike Engebretson.  He finds inspiration in wonder, mystery and other such experiences that might best be conveyed through the medium of music. 

We came across his work with a previous release on the wonderful Smallfish Records he did. Mike (the Smallfish head, not Mike E) gave us a copy of his work, with Isnaj Dui and some bvdub as well, and like those artists, his work just blew us away. Its taken a little longer to get Mike's record out than Brock and Katie's of course, but we feel it was worth the wait.

The debut album “Trace of Light” was released on the summer solstice, June 2013.

Here's an awesome film by Mike for the title track:

You can visit the Chronovalve site here:

And the Facebook page here:

Here's a short film for the track 'Memories Still With Us':

You can listen, share and buy his wonderful record here: