Christopher Hipgrave

Christopher Hipgrave's 'Day' was the only demo we actually listened to and decided to break away from our fixed two year schedule to release back in 2009, just after our inception. Ben and I couldn't stop listening to this wonderful album for days, weeks, even months after. 'Day' became something of an instant classic for the label with Boomkat and the Wire in particular praising its attention to detail and enveloping melodies, even going as far as saying that in 'Day', 'Home Normal have proven to be a buy-on-sight label with their support of artists both well known to us by now, and new. This is a seriously 'hip' label indeed!'

Not long after 'Day' came out, Ian and Chris started working on a collaboration which soon expanded to include Jason Corder (offthesky), as the main group, with help from their friends Rie Mitsutake (Miko), Erik Schoster (He Can Jog), Ben Chatwin (Talvihorros), and Antony Harrison (formerly Konntinent, now Paco Sala). The group called themselves 'Tiny Isles' and their debut 'The Long Seasoned Sleep' will finally be out on Koen Music (KOMU) at the end of August. 

During this same period, Chris released the superb 'Slow, With Pages Of Futtering Interference' on Low Point, 'Subtleties' on Under The Spire, as well as releasing the excellent standalone software on Audiobulb 'Ambient'. He has just completed his long awaited next album which tonally follows on perfectly from where 'Day' left us. 'No Greater hero Than The Least Plant That Grows' will be out on our little brother label Nomadic Kids Republic as a double CD later in the year.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, Chris will be doing his first live performance as part of HomeNormalism(2) on March 21st with bvdub, and Gurun Gurun (more to follow).

Here is a little extra information about Christopher:

Christopher Hipgrave is a composer, sound designer and software programmer from the south of England. His research is predominantly focused on the field of algorithmic composition, sonification, artificial life and interactive music systems.

Go to the following links for more up-to-date information from Christopher:

To buy his software from Audiobulb go here:

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You can stream, share and pre-order Chris's group (Tiny Isles) debut 'The Long Seasoned Sleep' here:

Finally, you can check out a sampler (unmastered) of disc one of his new album on NKR 'No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows' here: