Chris Weisman

Chris Weisman is a composer, improviser, and guitar teacher living in Brattleboro, Vermont. His current projects include solo work (Autumn Records,, Chris Weisman & Greg Davis (Home Normal, Autumn), and Happy Birthday (Sub Pop). He is also the author of Nonmusical Patterns and their Musical Uses (Radical Readout) and is way into the Beatles.

In April of 2010 Chris and his good friend (and Home Normal, Room40, Kranky, Carpark Records artist) Greg Davis, released 'Northern Songs'. The psychedlic pop album was a huge success, most notably in Japan where it was regarded as one of the albums of the year across record shops nationwide. It was even included in a book marking the history of 'alternative' music in the past 50 years in Japan, noting the relevance of Home Normal, the album, and artists themselves in the current field.

Here's a short video of Chris performing at Turners Falls, MA, USA in 2009:

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