Bvdub is Brock Van Wey. We've been huge fans of his work for a while, and were introduced through a dear mutual friend; Mike from the now sadly closed Smallfish Records. Brock's 'To Live' is still one of our favourite records, and just reminds us of the beauty and strength of music, and our ties to Smallfish at the same time.

Brock very kindly agreed to do a release with Home Normal, which resulted in the now classic 'Tribes at the Temple of Silence' released at the beginning of 2011. Ian and Brock then continued to stay in touch regularly, both on a personal and musical level, completing the highly acclaimed 'The Truth Hurts' together on Nomadic Kids Republic in 2011. A year after 'Tribes at the Temple of Silence' came out, Home Normal released 'The First Day' . The release was incredibly special as we tied it in with a re-issue of 'Tribes...', and released both in special packages using locally made inlays, with the money for materials going to help those affected by the damage from the Tohoku earthquake in Fukushima. The album was made up of four long-form tracks of incredible ambience, and earthy, chanting beauty. It was an album of absolutely no middle-ground at all, being marked by some as Brock's 'least accessible' album to date, but by others as the finest ambient record in the last ten years, maybe ever. Many friends and fans alike, have, like us, come to understand it as one of the great bvdub recordings ever made: a highly personal, deep, unabashed journey into the soul. That Brock had the bravery to make such a record is unsurprising if you know him, but nonetheless it took a good few people off guard.

So, some even commented (as reviewers and short-sigted people often do), that maybe Brock had gone down a more challenging, long-form ambient path from then on. Well, if there is one thing fans will know about Brock, its that he doesn't easily sit on his laurels, and after a long long time in production he finally unleashed '121 Years' under his superb East of Oceans moniker. Whllst distributors and stores scratched their heads at this turn seemingly too stunned to define it (as they must), his fans lapped it up, tearing it up at one particularly sweaty show at Void in Shanghai.

That almost brings us to the present. In the last couple of years Brock had been working on a re-vision, if you will, of Ian Hawgood's 'Wolfskin'. He ended up making a completely new album from the material which was released as disc 2 for Ian's now new-old release, 'Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)' on Hibernate and Ian's own Koen Music label. Brock has also recently released much celebrated work on Darla, n5MD, and our deat friends in Japan, ANAY. He's widely regarded as the most prolific, fantastic producer around today...he's also a bloody marvellous sort of bloke too.

Oh, and he'll be playing at our 5 year anniversary in London on March 21st/22nd too...more to follow.

Here's a little video for 'It Could Have Been So Beautiful':

Here's a little more about bvdub: 

Brock Van Wey was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1974. For the second time in his life, he’s made China his home, now living in Shaoxing. Brock has closely followed deep house, ambient, and experimental music since the early 90s, when he started DJing as bvdub. His tastes have always leaned towards the deep, going only deeper as time has passed. By the time he finally started producing in 2006, Brock had developed a fully realized vision of perfectly deep electronic music.

This vision was immediately recognized by labels such as Styrax and Andre Kroenert’s 2600 and Night Drive imprints, with bvdub releases dropping within a year of Brock’s first production efforts. Though quickly adopted by the tech house and deep techno scene, Brock wanted an outlet for his most personal pieces, and started Quietus Recordings, a limited edition CD label. Establishing his supreme talent in the spectrum between pure ambient and deep techno, bvdub has quickly built an impressive discography.

Towards the end of 2008, Brock released the 12″ “A Moment’s Peace” on Meanwhile. In 2009, Echospace released the full length album, “White Clouds Drift On And On,” with a second full length interpretation by Steven Hitchell as Intrusion. Brock’s “To Live” was released as one of Smallfish’s mini-CD releases (and rose to one of Resident Advisor’s top 50 tracks of 2009), and he’s recently appeared on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2010 compilation. His 2010 release on Glacial Movements ‘The Art Of Dying Alone’ was met with critical acclaim.

Since then he has released regualrly on labels like Home Normal, ANAY, Darla, and n5MD to name a few. Each release seems to have stunned people with its quality and depth (after so many...really? Isn't that given by now). Commonly lumped into the ‘dub techno’ genre, Brock’s music is anything but; he effortlessly reworks and re-interprets his influences to create something seemingly familiar but wholly different. Brock has also released music under his given name, Brock Van Wey, as Earth House Hold (deep house), and East Of Oceans (drum&bass).

This is bvdub playing live at Artplay, Moscow in 2012:

This is a really great interview Brock did with The Friday Night Session: 

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