No, the latest addition to the Home Normal family isn't a cute little kitten but wouldn't that be fun? This is a kitten that belongs to a certain Bardt van der Dennen, who belongs to a certain band called Birdt. Cats eat birds, so I suppose this cute little thing will actually turn around and destroy Birdt in its evil jaws and claws...but I may be getting ahead of myself a little bit there.

So as per usual, we weren't accepting demos. Even from friends actually. But nonetheless, we always do (secretly) listen to most that come our way. We get A LOT despite the fact we don't officially accept demos right now. For the most part we nod along and enjoy the music, which is great. But once in a blue moon...ok less, something just comes out and grabs you like nothing else. 

Gareth Davis will be well known on these pages for his work with the Kleefstras and of course, Machinefabriek. He's a member of a group called The Whalers Collective with Ian Hawgood, Ryo Nakata, Felicia Atkinson, and Rie Mitsutake. So imagine our surprise when he sent us a project that was basically a kind of alternative minimal electro folk record. We're actually really into our singer-songwriters here (see Chris Weisman and Greg Davis's 'Northern Songs' or the latest opus by Orla Wren 'Book Of The Folded Forest'). 'Place For A Day' is a wonderful album and we can't wait for you to hear it. It'll be out in October 2013 on CD and digital.

Here's a little more information about Birdt:

Birdt (formerly Bird) +++ minimal,| folk+++Since their start in early 2009 Birdt officially selfreleased a maxi single on vinyl called "Arjenballet" and as the latest result a full length CD called "Place For One Day"  (released on Home Normal). Birdt is Janne Mansens on violin and second vocals, Sascha Schmitt on accordion, Gareth L. Davis on bass clarinet, and Bardt van der Dennen on guitar and vocals.

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